Tuesday Sniping: Joni Mitchell Edition

Many sides narrowed down to ‘both sides’, now. Hoo-boy.

Such a good negotiator. A wonderful dealmaker, a truly wonderful dealmaker, such a wonderful dealmaker, the very best wonderful dealmaker. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat…unable to stammer his way past the knots, clots, tangles and plaques…

Fort Erie
Race 8: #8 Quando Wando
Bonkers Box (Race 8): #8 Quando Wando – #1 No Dough – #6 Sublime Symphony – #3 Silent Cove

Race 1: #7 Fight the Light
Race 5: #4 Coriolis
Race 6: #3 A Powerful Tale
Race 9: #1 Kinda Kirky
Bonkers Box (Race 6): #3 A Powerful Tale – #8 Eye to Thrill

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Dreams & schemes & circus crowds.

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3 Responses to Tuesday Sniping: Joni Mitchell Edition

  1. halochef says:

    ps just found out NCIS is filming right around the corner from us. Mrs chef is excited cause she as a crush on Mr H

    • Shoutoute says:

      Mark Harmon #1 always with the ladies, spanning several generations now. Also, Great British Baking Show recommended viewing. One of the few good shows on television, not overly fetishized. Also, what the heck is caster sugar, plus what’s the difference between ‘marzipan’ & ‘marchpane’ As well, between fondant & marzipan/marchpane? Tyvm.

  2. halochef says:

    ‘marzipan’ & ‘marchpane’ not much of a difference. marzipan make from almond paste. make realy neat figurines on cakes and the such.. caster sugar really super fine sugar but not as fine as powder sugar. have viewed the show. good stuff. J Childs BD tues.105

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