Tuesday Sniping: Tax-Dollars-at-Work Edition



The public courts here at Beeman Park in Studio City are newly resurfaced. You can see the grit and the contour now. Prior to the resurfacing, the ground underfoot just behind the baseline at the ‘T’ was as bald as an innertube, lots of lawsuitsz! This was a preemptive expenditure!

Besides, we have to work off all that cake, huh?

Race 1: #3 Indispensable
Race 2: #7 Bold Ice
Race 3: #10 Present Course

Race 6: #5 Indiscreetness
Race 7: #3 Free d’Or
Race 8: #6 Sailor’s Revenge
Bonkers Box (Race 8): #6 Sailor’s Revenge – #8 Caliparty

Race 10: #6 Tyger Teras

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Next time!

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