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CPC DVD of the Month Club 2010
CPC DVD of the Month Club 2010 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: VD-472
Price: $179.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

Latest Video Package 'CPC DVD of the Month Club 2010'

Fresh off the success of the critically (and popularly) acclaimed All-In-One V6 Seminar in a Box, Cynthia Publishing Company is excited to announce its first product offering for the coming year.

It's the CPC DVD of the Month Club 2010, and, as its title suggests, Club members will be treated to a detailed, entertaining video presentation of a compelling handicapping or wagering subject — or discussion of major racing event — each month in 2010.

From favorites and longshots to the pick 4 and superfecta, the CPC DVD of the Month Club 2010 picks up where the All-In-One V6 Seminar in a Box left off. That is, each month is guaranteed to bring you mountains of data and reams of extensive research, all mined, sifted through and analyzed so you get to the very heart of the matter: crystal-clear, expertly developed winning techniques and strategies that you can apply directly to your game — right away! This level of study, thought and theory...well, you just won't find them anywhere else but the DVD Club; even better, these are winning ideas that you can turn into tidy profits. We do the heavy lifting; we leave the viewing (and money-making!) to you.

It's the best of all possible worlds. Original fact-finding and in-depth probing are our hallmark; you sit back, watch, learn and earn. Membership in the CPC DVD of the Month Club 2010 has its privileges.

From our initial presentation on longshots to our year-ending expose on the superfecta (or, if you prefer, the super-duper), we'll reward you all year long, month after month, with one outstanding DVD show after another. It's the gift that keeps on giving, from January through December, one profit-producing video production every 30 days. Here's are your 12 stops on the road to the Win Window:

January 2010: Longshots — What's better than hitting a big 20-1 or better outsider that leaves all your buddies and the rest of the crowd scratching their collective head? Well, this groundbreaking DVD will examine the wonderful world of winning longshots like never before. You can bet that we'll systemically dissect thousands of successful giant-priced horses and deliver to you many proven, exciting paradigms (that is, patterns or models) that repeat over and over and continue to produce monster mutuels to this day. This DVD alone and the longshot studies it contains will be worth your DVD Club membership dues many times over.

February 2010: Favorites — On the other hoof, favorites have to be respected, especially in the realm of exotic wagering. Trying to beat the favorite in every race is a difficult way to live. There are times when it pays (sometimes handsomely) to give the public its due and honor the wishes of the collective wisdom. When are these times? What are superfavorites? What is an easy way to determine the legitimacy, falseness or vulnerability of the post-time favorite? Answers to these burning questions and many more will be yours. After viewing this DVD, it will become much easier for you to determine so-called playable races from unplayable ones.

March 2010: Daily Double — With all the fuss being made over the more glamorous horizontal exotics (or, multiple-win exotics), the daily double is getting less scrutiny — and that's excellent news for you, as long as you know what you're doing. Forget about the old hokey advice of criss-crossing and wheeling the daily double. You're better than that? You'll discover a fabulous way of seizing the daily-double advantage without overbetting underperforming combinations. You'll learn to make the daily double yield higher returns than the plain-old parlay. In short, you'll have the wherewithal to treat the daily double as yet one more profitable strategy in your wagering portfolio.

April 2010: Kentucky Derby/Triple Crown Trail — We take time out this month to pay some topical attention to this year's Run for the Roses, Preakness and Belmont Stakes. True, these are but three races among thousands in the racing calendar, but what a trio of races they are! You can make lifetime memories (and nice scores) in them, and not have any concern for dragging down your prices in the humongous national pools. We'll dissect the history, name names, throw out some radical exotics strategies and just have a rockin' good time unlocking the secrets (and maybe the eventual winners) of this year's three-year-old Classics.

May 2010: Place & Show Wagering — Like daily double wagering, the heat is off in the mutuel backholes. Heck, even win-wagering is less-fashionable than ever, so can you imagine all the money being left on the table in place-and-show? You know it! Can you make place-and-show wagers on longshots without guilt (or having your house burned down!)? Find out how to take much less risk while still guaranteeing massive positive-expectation situations in the place spot, show spot or both. Turn the public's confidence into a nice source of low-stress profits. It's all in here.

June 2010: Trainers — Over the last eight years, when it comes to understanding the who, what, where, when, whys and hows of trainer factor on the Southern California and New York circuits, no one has put in the kind of spadework or legwork that we have. We now share all our exhaustive research, unshakable trends and ironclad modus operandis with you. How does the trainer render the current form-factor meaningless? Which trainers can instantly reverse poor recent races into an upset win, and how? Where are the debut, first-turf, first-route, first-claim and class-moving surprises coming from? It's not always in the past performances or the output of your computer programs. Here's how to put the oft-hidden trainer factor in your favor.

July 2010: Saratoga & Del Mar — Like the Triple Crown events, Saratoga and Del Mar are but two short meets in a calendar full of many longer stands. But what a pair of meets these are! Make it at Saratoga or Del Mar (or both) and you pretty much have bragging rights for your year. We have players who master these high-profile, prestige-laden meets seemingly every year, and we'll get them to share their secrets with you. Lots of uninformed tourist dollars travel through the mutuel windows here, and now you'll figure out how to redirect more than a few of those misguided dollars into your own wallet. Crazy longshots, outrageous exotics, you'll put them to work for you at these vacation meccas.

August 2010: Pick 3 — Back to the hard yards here. The pick 3 is a spectacular horizontal-exotic option, but too many players make amateurish mistakes that cost them a long-term profit. Once again, it pays you handsomely to approach this lucrative wager as an investment opportunity, not as an equine slot machine with three payoff windows! The art of pick-3 reduction (to, in essence, a daily double) and of the judicious single, of the necessary spread, and the proper way to size up each three-race sequence all will be yours in this DVD. The pick 3 is not like Everest; you don't tackle it just because it's there. Let the rest of the mopes throw their money at each and every sequence. Here's how to strike with confidence and accuracy, all the while retaining excellent prospects for hitting the much-coveted "signer".

September 2010: Pick 4/Pick 6 — Not for the fainthearted! Pick 4s are a whole different ballgame. Needless to say, so's the pick 6. Casual players can venture to the land of the pick 3 and do some serious damage. But add that extra race (or double out to half a dozen!) and the costs escalate, bankroll becomes a major issue, and the chances of striking are not much better than microscopic. If you're still interested, we'll unwind the latest stats, consider the percentages and probabilities and craft some pick 4 and pick 6 strategies that the budget-conscious punters among us can appreciate. In these hyperexotic pools loaded with whales and other pari-mutuel sharks, it sometimes pays to lay low and then dart with precision for the surprise score.

October 2010: Breeders' Cup 2010 — Who's on the inside track for fame, glory and maybe even a longshot payoff in this year's World Thoroughbred Championships at Churchill Downs? We'll follow the major preps like a hawk, appreciate the history of this rich event and name plenty of names we think will be in the reckoning for year-end honors this November. With so many top-quality runners being allowed to get away at ridiculously high odds, the Breeders' Cup is a handicapping-and-wagering bonanza unlike any other. We've enjoyed many $50-plus mutuels in it through the years, and our longshot strategies will be yours too in this timely and topical DVD.

November 2010: Trifecta — In the exacta, you can frequently take your top two horses, box 'em and produce some decent profits. In the trifecta, it's a little trickier. As has often been said, any bonkers horse can stick its lucky nose in for third. This means wacky longshots who don't usually figure in your win (or place) calculations. We break down the dynamics of the trifecta and devise cost-effective approaches for dealing with it. With four-figure payoffs a distinct possibility, the key is to include the right surprise candidates in the proper spots. Boxing and wheeling have their place (as long as it's not every time!), and so does the much-discussed "key" horse. You pick the strategy best suited to your temperament and bankroll and we'll do the rest.

December 2010: Superfecta/Year-End Review — If the trifecta rewards long-priced mediocrity, you should take a gander at the superfecta, sometimes known as the super-duper. Everything and everything can stagger home for fourth, at astronomical odds. The win odds are astronomical because these horses have barely a chance to win; but for fourth? You bet they can! As in the trifecta presentation, we'll break down the dynamics of thousands of superfectas and provide you with winning, profitable strategies that are far beyond the skill and understanding of the typical superfecta player. And we'll take a fond look back at all the high points and key lessons of the last 12 months and put them in a handy summary for quick indexing and review.

Cynthia Publishing Company DVDs sell for $29.95 each, making the individual retail cost of the CPC DVD of the Month Club 2010 $359. But become a DVD Club Member now and pay just $179 for the total package — that's $70 off! That's less than $15 per DVD! Outrageous!

Get all the benefit, entertainment, information and money-making power of these 12 DVDs, one each month, all through 2010, shot in vibrant 720p HD in 16:9 fullscreen glory for this unbelievably low price now. The action is already underway, so don't delay — place your order today.

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