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Mastering the Exacta Package
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Price: $99.95
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Cynthia Publishing offers four products devoted exclusively to exacta wagering.   They are: Dick Mitchell's video Commonsense Exacta Wagering, Dick Mitchell's booklet How to Play the Exacta and Quinella and Mark Cramer's book Eleven Winning Exacta Situations. These products, if purchased separately, cost $179.95 and are worth every penny.   They're now on sale as a package for the unbelievably low bundled price of $99.95!

The exacta offers a wonderful opportunity along with a very big challenge.  The exacta pools are larger than the straight pools, yet most players have a difficult time with this compound bet.  This bet is misplayed by over 98% of all handicappers.   The literature is full of conflicting advice, much of it downright wrong.   Here's your opportunity to learn the truth and take advantage of this magnificent way to take a small amount of money and turn it into a substantial bankroll.  The exacta offers a big edge if you make the bet properly.

You'll learn exactly when you should reverse an exacta combination and when you shouldn't.  You'll learn when you should favor the quinella over the exacta.   You'll learn when you should box horses and when you shouldn't.  (You shouldn't most of the time.)  You'll learn exactly how much to bet on each probably exacta combination.  More importantly, you'll learn how to construct an exacta bet that will give you a huge mathematical edge.  If you always bet with an edge, there's only one long-run possibility: winning.

This special package includes:

Commonsense Exacta Wagering Video
A majority of Dick Mitchell's profits come from exacta wagering.  This bet is misplayed by over 98% of all handicappers.  There are two pieces to this puzzle.   The first is handicapping both the "win horse" and the "place horse."  The second is learning to construct the appropriate bet(s).  On this 90-minute tape, you'll find all the information and knowledge needed to become a very successful exacta investor.  You'll learn to take advantage of the public's mistakes.   You'll learn to distinguish among "false favorites," "vulnerable favorites," and "legitimate favorites."  You'll learn what the place horse looks like.  You'll learn how to select your contenders for both win and place, and how to bet them appropriately.  You'll also learn to use the exacta as a strategic win or place bet.  Very little of the information in this video is contained in the literature of thoroughbred handicapping.  The discussion of false, vulnerable and legitimate favorites is more than worth the price of this whole package.   It's wonderful to be able to eliminate an even money favorite.  It does wonders for your attitude and wonderful things for your bankroll.  This skill and the skills to master exacta wagering are yours for the viewing.

How to Play the Exacta and Quinella -- by Dick Mitchell
This booklet discusses how to take advantage of one of the most abused forms of thoroughbred wagering -- exacta betting.  Most players don't know how to bet exactas, yet exacta pools are usually larger than the straight win, place and show pools combined.   The result is a situation where the public bets the most money where they are least proficient -- a tremendous opportunity for the astute investor.  Mitchell explains why "the second-best 'win' horse rarely comes in second."  You'll learn how to identify the four basic types of "place" horses.  Then he reveals how to find exacta overlays, plus other wagering techniques and strategies.  A booklet no exotic bettor should be without.  (Softcover book, 44 pages)

Eleven Winning Exacta Situations -- by Mark Cramer
In this easy-to-understand text, Mark Cramer explains 11 very profitable opportunities that are not apparent to most handicappers.  He researches each strategy with real data, interprets the results, and proves that you can make generous profits by simply betting the same amount of money each time a particular strategy arises.   You could loosely interpret Cramer's work as 11 very profitable individual systems.   These dynamite strategies will have you collecting three- and even four-figure scores in even the most bewildering races. Cramer guides you step-by-step on how to apply crusher exacta techniques in races with lone frontrunners, powerful longshots, maiden claimers and eight other well-paying handicapping scenarios. If you already love the exacta, Cramer will help you maximize your returns. If the exacta befuddles you, it won't after you get your hands on this book.  You will learn to apply your newly acquired knowledge in the actual race examples contained in the workshop section of each strategy.   Each chapter is a separate lesson.  It is advised you study one situation at a time.  Once it has been mastered, then you can move on to the next one.  You'll learn and earn at your own pace.  This work is based on years of trial and error.   Cramer is a 30-year veteran.  He's a street-fighter.  He learned how to win by paying his tuition to the school of hard knocks.  This will be obvious after you read his very first winning exacta situation.  Cramer shows you how to find exactas that can result in a major score, while not risking a great deal.  Cramer believes in two things: small bets to win large amounts of money, and always having the "best of it."  In Eleven Winning Exacta Situations, he shows you how to accomplish both.  This work is a classic. (Softcover, 102 pages)

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