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Commonsense Videotape Package
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by Dick Mitchell

The Commonsense videotape series is a set of six videotapes, each addressing a crucial area of thoroughbred handicapping and wagering.  Your host is Dick Mitchell, author of six critically-acclaimed books on the subject of thoroughbred handicapping.   Mitchell has found that many of the accepted principles of handicapping are false.   On these tapes, he shares his discoveries with you.  Mitchell is the country's foremost expert on the subject of money management and betting strategy. His signature principle is "you don't win money at the races by picking good horses, you win by picking good bets."  He's more interested in teaching you how to win money than in teaching you how to "pick the winner."  Mitchell believes that picking the winner is overrated.  The most valuable skill a handicapper can learn is the skill of estimating a horse's chances to win a particular race.  In other words, making a betting line.  Mitchell isn't some "Ivory Tower" professor expounding on theories of handicapping.  He's a street-fighter from the School of Hard Knocks.  Best of all, he's an excellent teacher.  In his down-to-earth commonsense way, he explains how to win.  Mitchell says, "Anyone who tells you it's easy to win at the races isn't telling you the truth."  He makes it as simple as possible.  You'll never make a sucker bet if you follow the advice on these tapes.  The Commonsense Videotape package contains these six tapes:

vd_csh.JPG (4450 bytes)Commonsense Handicapping
This two-hour tape teaches you how to handicap in a systematic and structured way.  You'll learn to scan the entries and eliminate horses that have very little chance to win.  You'll learn a method of "speed handicapping" using the Daily Racing Form information.  By "speed" we mean quick, not deep esoteric speed figures and variants, and certainly not Beyer numbers.  The four major considerations of thoroughbred handicapping are Ability, Condition, Angles and Value.   Within these are embedded the principles of handicapping.  For example, Ability contains the principles of speed and class.  Condition includes the "form factor."  Angles include trainers, jockeys, class rises, class drops and all the factors not considered above.  Value is determining if the horse is worth a bet or not.  Each consideration is discussed in detail and methods are given that will enable you to make a profit.  You'll learn how to construct a betting line.   Mitchell is an excellent teacher.  You'll want to watch this tape over and over.  Each time, you'll gain new insights into this very challenging pastime.   Mitchell's goals are simple.  He has vowed "to be responsible for more winners than any of his predecessors or contemporaries."  He's obsessed.   He spends every waking hour thinking of ways to teach winning at the track.   You'll be the beneficiary of over eight years of intense research and study. You'll learn the real percentages in racing.  You'll be able to spot "false favorites."  This skill alone is worth triple the price of this tape.  If you like "spot plays," Mitchell shares a bunch that are profit-packed.  It took Mitchell five years and the help of a very sophisticated computer system to learn how to win.  He freely admits he's not the world's best handicapper.  In fact, he considers himself a little above average.  What he really knows how to do is WIN.   Winning is a skill.  It can be learned.  Mitchell knows how and is willing to share it with you.  It's his mission.  He will not be fulfilled until he has crated more winners than all the others put together.  The two hours spent with Dick Mitchell represents over eight years of research and study.  You'll save a lot of time and effort.  You'll be a regular at the "win window."  Commonsense Handicapping will outline your path to success.  If you follow it, there is only one possible consequence: WINNING.

vd_csew.JPG (5141 bytes)Commonsense Exacta Wagering
A majority of Dick Mitchell's profits come from exacta wagering.  this bet is misplayed by over 98% of all handicappers.  there are two pieces to this puzzle.   The first is handicapping the "Place Horse," and the second is learning to use the proper betting strategy.  On this ninety-minute tape, you'll find all the information and knowledge needed to become a very successful exacta investor.  You'll learn to take advantage of the public's mistakes.  You'll learn to distinguish among false favorites, vulnerable favorites, and legitimate favorites.  You'll learn what the Place Horse looks like.  You'll learn how to select your contenders for both win and place and how to bet them appropriately.  Less than 2% of all horseplayers know how to bet the exacta correctly.  You'll be one of this very small minority.   You'll also learn how to use the exacta as a strategic win or place bet.  The information contained on this tape will put you in a class with very few peers.  Very little of this information is contained in the literature of thoroughbred handicapping.   The discussion of false, vulnerable and legitimate favorites is more than worth the price of this tape.  It's wonderful to be able to eliminate an even-money favorite.   It does wonders for your attitude and wonderful things for your bankroll.   This skill is yours for the viewing.

vd_csmm.JPG (4302 bytes)Commonsense Money Management
Dick Mitchell is recognized a this country's foremost authority on the subject of money management and betting strategy.  This tape and the Commonsense Betting Strategy tape detail and explain the fundamental principles of wagering.  These principles are absolute.  Unlike the truth of handicapping, which is dynamic, the truth of money management is absolute.  It's mathematical truth.  You need only learn the principles of money management and betting strategy once. They'll serve you for your entire handicapping career.  You'll learn the answers to the fundamental questions of when to bet, how to bet, what to bet and how much to bet.  You'll learn about the "Kelly Criterion."  You'll learn how to tell if a bet offers an edge or not.  Once you know the fundamental principles, you'll understand how to apply them to your advantage.  This tape is one of a kind.  There is little in the literature to compare to the principles explained on this tape.  A must.

vd_csffa.JPG (4497 bytes)Commonsense Form Factor Analysis
Dick Mitchell shares the latest ideas on current form or condition.  The "Form Factor" is probably one of the least understood factors in thoroughbred handicapping.  A horse can have all the ability in the world, and if he's not in condition, it's wasted.  You must be able to tell if a horse is going to "bounce."  You must know and be able to apply the modern standards of recency.  You must recognize and interpret workout data.  You must understand the concept of "form cycle."  You must be aware of Form Angles such as equipment changes, first-time Lasix, turf breeding and horses-for-courses.  This tape reveals the secrets of form analysis.

vd_csbs.JPG (4364 bytes)Commonsense Betting Strategy
You'll master some really neat and profitable betting methods with this tape.   You'll learn to "reduce" betting situations.  You'll learn to reduce an exacta bet to a win bet.  You'll learn to reduce a trifecta bet to an exacta bet.   You'll learn to reduce a daily double bet to a win bet.  You'll learn how to use the place and show pools to your advantage.  In general, you'll learn how to evaluate whether your bets are lucrative or whether they are silly.  Never again will you make a bet that doesn't offer you an edge.  Mitchell will show you how to make a fortune without changing your handicapping style.  All you have to do is change your betting style.  This tape contains the "key to the mint."  You'll be amazed at the money you are now "leaving on the table."

vd_csmh.JPG (4432 bytes)Commonsense Maiden Handicapping
Many handicapping books advise you to skip maiden races.   "RIDICULOUS!" says Dick Mitchell.  Maiden races offer a wonderful opportunity.  Maiden races are actually very easy if you know what to look for.   There are a number of professional who only bet maidens.  Maidens are actually very consistent.  Modern authors such as James Quinn, Mark Cramer, and Dick Mitchell all agree maiden races offer the handicapper a wonderful opportunity for profit.   This tape reveals the secrets you need to succeed with maidens.  You'll be surprised how relatively easy these races really are.  You'll look forward to maiden races in doubles and triples.  This tape will forever change your attitude about maidens.

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