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Bet Like a Pro Package
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In order to consistently win at the track, you need two sets of skills. The first is selection skills (handicapping). The second is decision skills (betting). The first set of skills is constantly changing. The second set you only have to learn once and they're yours for the rest of your life. Why not master them now?

Cynthia Publishing is happy to offer the BET LIKE A PRO package. It contains three books and three videos dedicated to the science and art of proper wagering. Yes, science -- unlike handicapping skills, wagering skills are subject to mathematical principles which never change.

If you think that profitable handicapping is about picking the greatest number of winners, you're doomed before you start. There isn't a handicapper in this country that can bet all the races on every racing card for an entire year and average 33% winners! The public does. Yet, with this amazing performance, if you bet each public selection, you would lose at least 10˘ on every dollar that you bet. Think about it: the best selector in this country is a losing player!

It's truly astounding when you consider that the best bettors win consistently while many of the best handicappers in this country are losers. A good bettor with average handicapping skills will outperform a good handicapper with average betting skills any day of the week. Betting skills are more important than handicapping skills, yet just about horseplayer on this planet believes otherwise.

Handicapping experts Mark Cramer and Dick Mitchell were once asked at a handicapping seminar what they thought was more important for success as a handicapper: handicapping skills or betting skills. They both replied that betting was about 70% of it and handicapping only 30%. Interestingly, the great majority of handicappers spend the great majority of their time deciding what to bet and only a few seconds while standing in line deciding how or whether to bet. And how or whether you bet is by far the more important decision to your bankroll. It's an amazing paradox that most handicapping books spend 95% of their space on picking winners and only 5% on betting strategy and money management. Most have an obligatory chapter on the subject of how to bet. For the most part, their advice is really not too good. There are very few places that you can go to learn the secrets of money management and betting strategy. Now you can with the Bet Like a Pro package.

The Bet Like a Pro package includes:

vd_csbs.JPG (4364 bytes)Commonsense Money Management video by Dick Mitchell        
Dick Mitchell is recognized as this country's foremost authority on the subject of money management and betting strategy. In this video, Dick Mitchell details the fundamental principles of racetrack wagering. These principles are absolute. Unlike the truth of handicapping, which is dynamic, the truth of money management is unchanging. It's mathematical truth. Learn the answers to such questions such as when to bet, what to bet and how much to bet. Mitchell teaches you about the "Kelly Criterion" and whether or not a bet offers an edge.

vd_csew.JPG (5141 bytes)Commonsense Exacta Wagering video by Dick Mitchell
This video looks at the information and knowledge required of successful exacta investors. You'll learn how to take advantage of the public's mistakes; how to distinguish among false, vulnerable and legitimate favorites; how to select contenders for both win and place, and how to bet them accordingly.

vd_adbtst.JPG (4209 bytes)Advanced Betting Strategies video by Dick Mitchell
Knowing how to handicap is only part of the solution to making a profit at the track. More important is knowing how to bet properly. If you confine yourself to wagers that carry a positive mathematical expectation, you can't do anything but win in the long run. Mitchell teaches you how to accomplish this. He shows you how to make a betting line. This is exactly the tool you need to determine if a bet is worth making or not. The rule is simple: No edge - No bet. You'll also learn how to determine if you have an edge for the following bets: Win, Daily Double, Pick-3, Exacta and Trifecta. Each opportunity is discussed in detail. Put yourself furlongs ahead of the crowd by learning and practicing these winning principles. You'll never look back.

BK_MNSECRT.JPG (2526 bytes)Money Secrets at the Racetrack by Barry Meadow
One of the "bibles" of betting strategy and money management, this simple but elegant paperback comes with handy charts and tables that instantly and unmistakably show you which horses and combinations to bet, and how much to bet on them. No tricky calculators, formulas or math, Meadow gives it to you straight. You'll be betting like a "value boy" (or girl) in no time flat.

bk_elevwinex.JPG (2092 bytes)Eleven Winning Exacta Situations by Mark Cramer
These dynamite strategies will have you collecting three- and even four-figure scores in even the most bewildering races. Cramer guides you step-by-step on how to apply crusher exacta techniques in races with lone frontrunners, powerful longshots, maiden claimers and eight other well-paying handicapping scenarios. If you already love the exacta, Cramer will help you maximize your returns. If the exacta befuddles you, it won't after you get your hands on this book.

bk_exexpose.JPG (2637 bytes)21st Century Handicapping
To show you it can be done, Mitchell loads 21st Century Handicapping with dozens of easy-to-understand examples of actual races in which he molested the mutuels to the tune of thousands of dollars. Step by step, you will accompany Mitchell as he unfolds the past performances, marks them up, analyzes the wagers, then makes the plays. You will experience virtually the same thrill Mitchell did in smashing these races. Then you’ll go out and do it for yourself, with an added payoff – the piles of cash will go into your pocket.

The package price is $149.95, a savings of 50% over buying the items individually. Isn't it worth a little bit of your time to master these skills? Remember that betting skills are based on mathematical truth, so once you learn them, they're yours forever.

Bet Like a Pro Package
Learn the Unchanging Principles of Wagering Strategy
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