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The Daily Strategist for Saratoga & Del Mar 2019
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Code: INFO-WTT19
Price: $59.97

NEW THIS YEAR! The Daily Strategist for Saratoga & Del Mar 2019

Introducing a three-pronged approach for getting the most from these two summer meets, emailed to you every racing day

For the uninitiated and the skeptics in the land (and admittedly there are many!), weíve revamped the Saratoga & Del Mar advisories for 2019 so that they make the most of our time-honored strengths as All-In-One V6/BestLine experts, as well as our annual darker suspicions as deep-state believers in demonstrated and longstanding trainer patterns. If you can imagine itÖ

Öyou open your email just like you opened this email.

You get a laser-focused list of which races and which morning-line longshots are ready to fire today. You know what you are going to do.

Even if youíre too busy to handicap in-depth today because of all your other summertime activities.

Or, even if you do handicap religiously, youíre getting an extra set of eyes and brain tissue helping you out.

From Day 1 to Closing Day, youíre covered. It is automaticÖautomagic!

What would you call this fantastical service? How about the WILD-PAYOFF SPECULATOR? The Wild-Payoff Speculator! WILD!

It works. We know it does. Our clients know it does. Now itís your turn to feel it work for you. You know you want to do your absolute best at SARATOGA & DEL MAR. Especially after all the craziness that just went down at Santa Anita this year. Itís time to get back at it.

We have come upon a proprietary methodology for 1) finding the wild races, 2) finding the contenders in those wild races who should be able to outrun their forecast long odds. Itís delicious.

Sometimes we showcase this methodology to the general public for free. Hereís an example from the Twitter:

The Bolo horse held on at 32-1 and won at $67.80. This is the sort of Wild-Price Speculation we are anxious to be able to provide you.

Last weekend it was the great Hunter OíRiley over in the Monmouth Park feature on Saturday, scoring on the $30.20 win mutuel. The next day at Laurel, one for the main-track lovers, $32.40 up top on A True Gentleman. Also the Woodfin big-priced winner at Churchill, $44.20. 

Those three were on the email delivery for the weekend. With your consent, we are capable of big prices.

So thatís promise, the potential, the profits. Look: we know you are busy most of the the time. We know you love the races but canít always give them the time, care and attention you need. This is perfectly understandable. You are human, after all. Let us deliver the goods to you. Itís the gig economy, and we are the gig-handicapping service you deserve to take you to your destination the way uber or Lyft or Doordash or Postmates do. Automagical.

And thatís your Wild-Payoff Speculator.

But wait, thereís more. We all realize that the majority of the races will not have the WILD PAYOFFS we lust after and drool over. Thatís OK. For those more-predictable instances, we have the SAFE-SINGLE SECURER. Wait...WHAT?!


No one wants to drown a shark. You just end up at the bottom of the ocean and the shark feasts on your carcass anyway! Would you try to beat Winx or Justify or any other high-probability runners? It might not be worth it! Thatís where the Safe-SINGLE Securer comes in. It helps you relax and go with the flow. Sometimes the obvious horse is the horse to play, or else to respect to the point of passing on all his or her rivals. It canít be helped. 

Thereís lots of horses who are actually legitimate favorites, even of the odds-on variety, and we are here to help, courtesy of the Safe-Single Securer.

So that covers the horses, whether longshots, via the Wild-Payoff Speculator, or favorites, via the Safe-Single Securer. What remains are those even more slippery creatures of habits: the trainers!

The way we do trainers is comprehensive and exhaustive, and probably prohibitive to employ year-round. But this way is very exciting and enlightening and instructive to pull out for six out of every 52 weeks. After all, Saratoga & Del Mar are very special seasons!

As you may have observed (and we have variously documented and verified), trainers have their own patterns and preferences, and these idiosyncrasies come to their best light at the short meets of Saratoga and Del Mar. The past performances of the horses can be rendered meaningless, in which cases knowledge of the trainer’s intentions becomes that hidden gem of information the public simply fails to unearth. In other words, while the great unwashed are busy handicapping the horses, they fail to understand the trainer’s decisive role at both Saratoga and Del Mar.

Yes, just like casual fans and serious handicappers, the best trainers will point to Saratoga and Del Mar for their best wins. Bigger purses, more time in the spotlight, the adulation of the public: trainers will come to Saratoga and Del Mar not to vacation but to run their horses and run them with all positive intent. Yes, at Saratoga and Del Mar, the trainer frequently trumps the horse in terms of being decisive. Trainer work magic on horses that are out-of-form, have been on vacation or otherwise look blah.

This is where your Winning Trainer Tricks come in. We’ have studied these trainers in-depth for the last 16 years running. We know what makes them fire their best shots at both Saratoga and Del Mar. We know their histories. We know how they operate. We understand their preferred methods for getting into the winner’s circle. History repeats, and when it does, we usually are on top of it.

Fortunately for the win mutuels (as well as the other spots of your vertical exotics), these preferred trainer histories and patterns often contradict a horseí’s form. That’s a big edge on the public. Furthermore, these preferred trainer histories and patterns aren’t readily available in the past performances. That’ís yet another nice edge for yourself.

It’'s always nice to cash in — either on the win end or on the bottom of some juicy exacta or trizacta or super-duper on a well-meant longshot the public simply cannot find. Thatí’s what we do for you. We uncover the tough ones time and again, and you get to savor the results.

And this year, we are as pleased as ever to share our patented Winning Trainer Tricks for Saratoga & Del Mar via email every day of the meets, and new this year for the first time, joining them in glory are the aforementioned Wild-Payoff Speculator and the Safe-Single Securer. Three valuable, high-leverage and distinct advisories all wrapped up for you quick-and-dirty and easy in one daily email called The Daily Strategist for Saratoga & Del Mar 2019. Fantastic!

OK. These premier meets, Saratoga and Del Mar, are nigh. Opportunities loom. Hit the dirt, turf and inner turf running from Day 1. Order today and be part of what many satisfied customers have called the most cost-effective handicapping advisory known to man.

P.S. Of course, best wishes for a prosperous 2019 Saratoga and Del Mar season.

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