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ALL-IN-ONE V6: Our Flagship Software
ALL-IN-ONE V6: Our Flagship Software Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CS-ALLV6
Price: $197.77
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

Version 6

The Culmination of More Than a Decade of Handicapping Software Excellence

Combining the Time-Honored Best of ALL-IN-ONE Version 5 with the Leading-Edge Advances of The Handy Capper and Betting Analyst Supreme Express

All Designed with You in Mind

Recoded from the ground up, Version 6 carries on the proud All-In-One tradition by living up to its name as a single, comprehensive program. The predictive power and in-depth reports that are the hallmark of the All-In-One experience have now been enhanced by a new user interface that makes the program much faster and easier to use, not to mention more responsive to your immediate needs. Here's a quick look at just a few of the new developments in store for you in All-In-One V6.


V5 power users, rejoice! Truly, handicappers everywhere, rejoice! The end of MS-DOS tyranny is at hand! The most limiting aspects of using All-In-One have been done away with once and for all. V6 will run smoothly and efficiently within virtually any operating system. Not just Windows (including XP) but Mac and Linux as well! This eliminates the hassle of switching back and forth between different operating systems or waiting for your computer to complete the handicapping process. Now you can run All-In-One alongside all your other applications without a hitch. V6 makes your All-In-One experience the easiest and most convenient it's ever been.

Written in 100% Pure Java, the same programming language that NASA chose to use to control the Mars Exploration Rovers "Spirit" and "Opportunity," All-In-One V6 is designed to expand and take advantage of future computers, operating systems and Internet capabilities.


With the special access features built into V6, you're never more than a click away from the optional HDW data files used for optimal All-In-One performance. Everything necessary to the full All-In-One experience is contained within the program itself — no more firing up your Internet browser to pull down the files and then having to direct them to the proper location on your computer. V6 itself will get the files, put them where they belong and process them instantly — if you'd rather be a handicapper than a computer jock, V6 is for you. (Of course, if you prefer to get your hands on the data, you still have the familiar option of manual entry!)


What you want, when you want. Fully interactive screens mean you look only at the reports you choose, in any order you decide. Need to flip back and forth a few times between screens? Want to skip a certain report for the race you're on? No problem. You control the information with the click of your mouse, as the situation warrants.

These enhancements in V6 truly take you into the 21st century, delivering an unmatched speed, ease and flexibility to your All-In-One experience. But behind the scenes, beneath the surface, lie the program's true strength and foundation: the rock-solid handicapping-and-wagering processes that have been at the root of All-In-One's success from the beginning. While All-In-One's face may have changed, you'll take comfort in knowing that its heart and its soul remain unchanged, firmly fixed in the right place.


Betting LineAs ever, at All-In-One's core, is the Betting Line. It's the bottom line. More than a decade ago, All-In-One was the first major handicapping program to understand the importance of creating a fair-odds betting line, and V6 carries on this vital tradition as only All-In-One can. Many a handicapper has credited lasting success to the All-In-One Betting Line, and, on this single screen, it all comes together for you.

Using the traditional All-In-One V5 handicapping factors and driven largely by the information contained exclusively in the proprietary 2010 Cynthia Publishing par times, the Betting Line is the end result of thousands of calculations that take into account the unique pace-and-speed pace capacities of each horse, as well as important supplemental information regarding its pedigree, trainer-and-jockey performance, current form and fitness, the current track biases, and more. You can count on this unique, to-the-point wager-value summation for each and every race you handicap with All-In-One V6.

Your success is guaranteed at a glance. To beat the races, you must focus your betting on overlays — horses whose actual odds are greater than they should be. V6's Betting Line shows you what a horse's fair odds should be. Simply by comparing a horse's fair odds to its actual odds on the toteboard, you can tell with one look if you have an overlay or not. The betting line approach has always been the number-one reason responsible for the great financial success enjoyed by All-In-One users at the track. And in V6, it continues to be.


The right wagering advice and proper betting strategies are at the heart of how V6 will improve your bottom line at the races. But V6 does a whole lot more. It calculates the projected times each horse in today's field should run under today's conditions, even if one or more of the horses is switching track, distance, surface or class level. V6 knows precisely how to interpret the subtle pace-and-speed differences from track-to-track, thanks to the program's exclusive, built-in 2010 Cynthia Publishing par times and its supplemental use of current Track Models.


Factor SummaryV6 now includes a Handicapping Factors report that considers a wider range of vital handicapping elements that the majority of the betting public ignores. In addition to utilizing the underused Cramer Speed Rating, V6 makes sense of the non-numerical aspects of class-consistency, overachievers, track bias, form and condition, pedigree, hot trainers and trainer-jockey combinations. In combination with the Speed/Pace Summary's deadly accurate ratings, the Handicapping Factors report increases the power and accuracy of V6's betting line. And that means more winners and double-digit bombers for you.
V6's Handicapping Factors report emphasizes the non-numerical aspects of handicapping — aspects that represent a troublesome blind spot for most high-tech handicappers. You'll cash in on their short-sightedness by being able to see when otherwise low-rated horses might have an ace up their sleeve based on class-consistency (CC), overachiever (OA), track bias (TB), the form factor (FF), the breeding factor (BF), hot trainers (HT) or trainer-jockey combination (TJ). And don't forget the exclusive measure of power expended (PE), which highlights those horses who have the power needed to win, and the use of the Cramer Speed Rating to measure recent speed (RS) and best speed (BS).


V6 keeps track of what the winners have done and actually gets better with age. That's because it has a Handicapping Modeler that learns from past events. It knows your performance as both a handicapper and a bettor. It has real intelligence that allows it to tilt its analysis in favor of the handful of factors that are currently doing the best at the tracks you play. Whatever's winning, V6 knows it, and looks for horses that fit those factors. Even more exciting is V6's brand-new use of an "intelligent, adaptive, best-fit" algorithm. It determines more accurately and realistically than ever the weight each Handicapping Factor has on the betting line. Simply put, only the most recent races which most closely match "today's race" are scrutinized. V6 does away with broad-brush, arbitrary race-types and engages solely in the specifics that matter for this race. The differences are real, and V6 allows you to cash in on these subtleties.


wager reportWhichever areas you specialize in, V6 knows them, and automatically alerts you to bet the proper percentage of bankroll to take full advantage of the kinds of races you're good at. As important as picking your horses is keeping track of how well your choices actually perform. All-In-One Version 6 includes all of the features of the Betting Analyst Supreme Express program. You can quickly and easily enter your real or "what if" wagers and track their effectiveness.

Reports include the Contender Report, which gives you an overview of how your contenders are performing overall, as well as Win, Place and Show reports that focus in extreme detail on the percentages and ROI of both your real and phantom wagers. The wager report gives you the same detail showing profit/loss, ROI and half-Kelly bankroll percentages. The Track and Comment reports let you see how you're doing at the tracks you wager on, and on any special conditions you've set up. Also, all of these reports are interactive. You can quickly and easily create reports based on a single track, all tracks, date ranges, wager types and detail levels with a few mouse clicks.


The key to making an accurate betting line and predicting a horse's performance in "today's race" is to decide if a horse is a contender and which of its past performances is most representative of its current abilities. (If you are using manual entry, you simply enter the race conditions and the paceline data for each of your contenders.)

auto compute selectorWith a subscription to the optional HDW files, it's even easier — the program will select contenders and pacelines based on your preferences. If you would rather use a different paceline or change if it's a contender status of a horse, you simply click your mouse. And if you're worried about selecting pacelines, relax: V6 has a revolutionary Paceline Modeler that will not only pick pacelines for you, but learn how to pick pacelines optimally, based on the results of past races. In other words, it gets better and better, the more races you handicap with the program. Especially useful for simulcast players, V6's autocompute function can quickly do the number crunching for every race being run on a particular day. New with V6 is the option to override the contender selection and model settings for each autocompute run, making it easy recompute all the races at a single track with different settings. The output for each race is sent to a file which you can view or print later, or optionally sent directly to your printer as well.

And for the rare occasion where you feel that even the most representative past performance isn't going to tell the whole story, new with V6 is the "nudge" factor. If you're sure that an entry is just simply better (or worse) than the Betting Line indicates, you can give it a nudge up (or down) for a betting line that reflects your opinion.


How long would you guess it would take you to dial up the vital reports you've just seen? What kind of effort do you suppose you'd have to put forth to be this prepared at the track or the many tracks you play? How about less than 10 minutes per track? You read that right! With the optional companion HDW data files ($100 per month unlimited downloading; $50 limited downloading) you can download past performances, ready-made track models, morning lines, trainer-and-jockey statistics and results charts — all of which take less than 10 minutes for V6 to process and output the wealth of information above. V6 will easily prepare you for the rigors of multi-track full-card simulcasting and in-home wagering in no time, and with very little effort on your part.


Never before has a Thoroughbred horserace handicapping program put it all together the way All-In-One V6 does. It combines the proven power of the acclaimed ALL-IN-ONE V5 program with all-new features and functions that increase both its efficiency and effectiveness. You get the power of an accurate Betting Line, the gift of foresight from an uncannily predictive Speed/Pace Summary, and the magnificent ability to see exactly how well you're doing and adjust your future betting through its Handicapping Modeler. And with your optional subscription to HDW, you experience these spectacular benefits in virtually no time at all, with minimal effort. What would you give to achieve these kinds of results? Sold separately, these giant programs could each command a four- figure asking price. You'd be looking at a hefty $5,000 price tag. Instead, All-In-One V6 turns out to be the bargain of the millennium: $495. And it that weren't enough, All-In-One V6 comes with a guarantee. If it doesn't improve your results and enjoyment from thoroughbred racing, return it within 60 days of purchase. You'll receive your purchase price less a 20 percent restocking fee.

Runs on Windows Vista, 95, 98, NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5, ME, 2000 and XP; MacOS X and Linux. Minimum screen resolution 800 x 600. Screen shots on this page are from a late development version and may change slightly in the final version.

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