First Post: Saturday, October 31, 2020

Whoa if true…WHOA! It literally is The Farewell Tour — maybe. Don’t count your ducks before they quack!

We get it. If your favorite act — say, Kid Rock or Ted Nugent — probably was going to hang it up in a couple of days from now but had a handful of shows coming to your town, you’d probably want to see them one last time and be part of that history, no matter the danger to your life. Yea, verily, there are people who would do that for Kid Rock or Ted Nugent! Honest! So, substituting Don J. Trump Sr. for Kid Rock or Ted Nugent, here we are — maybe. Again, don’t count your ducks before they quack!

Admittedly, there also has been a large recent spike in cases here in La-La Land, owing to the wild celebrations after the Lakers won this year’s NBA title a month ago; and there will be even more cases in a few weeks from now, after the numbers come due from the wild celebrations from the Dodgers World Series win. Choose your cult, we guess.


Gulf West (née Calder) 5
#6 The Great Kath ($27.20, BestLine Fair Odds 6.87-1)

Century Mile 8
#7 Mister Henry Lee ($37.40, BestLine Fair Odds 5.71-1)

Remington 2
#6 Miss Oratory ($36.80, BestLine Fair Odds 3.57-1)

Remington 3
#2 Kallie Sioux ($26.60, BestLine Fair Odds 3.95-1)

Woodbine 6
#8 Shangassah ($40.50, BestLine Fair Odds 6.09-1)

There were six selected races yesterday. There were 16 win-overlay wagers, and there was a winner, at $15-even.

WMF Report / Track-Trend Notes

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The Zongo Race Club suggests Belmont 6, 8, Churchill 7, Del Mar (!) 1, Woodbine 11.

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