First Post: Friday, April 26, 2019

NFL Draft last night. Who else didn’t see it? Yeah, us neither.

Remember being at Sun Devils Stadium in Tempe one time, some 20-25 yrs. ago, when the Ariz. Cardinals were hosting the New York City American Gridiron Throwball Giants. All you could hear in the ramps and concourses was Giants fan howling and lisping and launching spittle while screaming, ‘We’re a great team this year! Both sides of the ball! Both sides of the f-in’ ball!’ Many of them had New Yawk accents, too. It was a great relief to see the home team beat the visitors that day. A great relief.

These guys, the ones who drool over the NFL Draft (or any other draft, for that matter) they get hopped-up about players who, 97.3pc of them, will not be doing anything that good with their careers. And then they go ahead and make fun of cosplay and sci-fi/fantasy geeks who do EXACTLY THE SAME THING over trailers and spoilers for their next favourite superhero movie.

Both camps are the same! NFL Draft guy and cosplay/sci-fi/fantasy nerd. They both dress-up in costume on gameday or premiere night, and maybe even the cosplay guy is a little less culpable because he’s not wearing the name of ANOTHER MAN on his back. That’s where NFL Draft guy really has a lot of explaining to do — wearing the name of another man on his back. Hoo-boy.

Worse still, they preempted JEOPARDY! JAMES HOLZHAUER for the televised NFL Draft! Why! Jeopardy! James is an all-time great. Unless you were watching when Tommie Bradie was drafted in the 6th round, you probably saw nothing that good with the NFL Draft ever in your lifetime! But Jeopardy! James Holzhauer really is worth watching, every g.d. night, better than the entire history of NFL Draft and Salami-Swami Kris Berman and helmet-hair Duane Kuiper Jr. doing their blah-blah-blah.

Thank you for the rant, which could not have been good for our so-called spiritual recovery just now, but it had to be said. We need to do an Instant 10 or something now.

N.B. We will put into context Jeopardy! James’s historic Jeopardy! career when he is all said and done (and, yes, everybody loses at Jeopardy!; everybody!). And we will bring the stats and receipts, so that NFL Draft guy will be able to play along at home with the numbers and the analytics. We will bring the Coryat Scores so NFL Draft guy will have analytics to play with.


Oaklawn 8 (Low-Priced Overlay of the Day)
#3 Mr. Jagermeister ($11, BestLine Fair Odds 2.27-1)

It was Golden Gate 3, 4, 7 on the docket 24 hrs. ago, and there were six overlay wagers available. One won, $17.80, with a second being a runner-up (redundant? no, meta!) at 9-1. Sometimes.

WMF Report / Track-Trend Notes:

Available daily via Twitter feed: here.


New tracks! Opening Days! Belmont, Belterra! Let’s have a look. At the former, no good; muddy, off the turf mainly. At the latter, same weather. Now what?

How ’bout two Eastern Time Zone tracks where the elements are not exacting their toll? This means Laurel and Woodbine. At the former, 3, 4, 7; at the latter, 3, 4. Best wishes!

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  1. Shoutoute says:

    Check that. Laurel 4, 7, 9. That’s Laurel 4, 7, 9. Thank you. Best wishes.

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