Monday Boxing: Immortal Gary Kubiak Edition

Race 3: #1A Something Nice (speed) – #6 La Nina Bronca (final)
Race 4: #6 Muy Man – #7 Dont Waste My Time

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. So long now.

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2 Responses to Monday Boxing: Immortal Gary Kubiak Edition

  1. Honeyman says:

    Another Beulah Storie– John Logan, a long time ball game bettor of mine, another good guy, let his Barber talk him into buying in on a $5,000 claimer. He had a new truck & trailer to haul this horse with. Back & forth, from Lexington to Beulah, time & time again. The horse finally got show money, once. Johns new truck was wearing thin, so was the ole Billfold. He traded his part ownership back to the Barber for 30 Haircuts. All he could tell me was, that 30 cutz didn’t last long with 3 sons!

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