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All of the main pages on this site are accessible from the navigation area on the left of the screen. The site is organized into three main areas:

Products and Services - Cynthia Publishing is a leading supplier of professional handicapping products including books, training courses, reference data and software - much of which is available nowhere else.

Insider Information - As a service to the handicapping community we provide several online sources of current information.

Outside Resources - Links and references to other sites, including the important pages at the various track websites.

Although we have tried to make our site as simple and easy to use as possible, here are a few hints:

You can always get back to the home page by clicking on the Cynthia Publishing logo in the upper left corner of the screen - except when you're viewing the home page, of course.

Our support people tend to hang out in the Horsetalk Forum so you will find many of your questions answered there, including how to use the forum.

You can always contact us directly with questions or suggestions by using our Feedback Form.

Although our online store uses CSS security to make sure that your contact and credit card information is secure, the security is only in force during checkout. Simple browsing is not done in secure mode because it is not required.

This site has been designed to work well with all modern web browsers. If you are having problems viewing this site, please update your browser.

Plain talk privacy policy: we will not share any personal information including email addresses with any third party unless you explicity ask us to as part of a promotion or in order to solve a problem you may be having with a product or service.

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