January 5, 2001

The Short Line
Back Again
After a brief hiatus we are proud and pleased to welcome back an old Friday friend--On-Line at the Short Line. We hope that you will enjoy it.

Racing is full of comebacks and returns to the scenes of past glories. Look at Arlington Park, which has had to revive itself twice. Canterbury is back from the brink, and though that's where Garden State teeters, it, too, has returned.

If racetracks reopen as a matter of course, jockeys, especially the hot apprentices who fade, are perhaps even more famous for getting back in the saddle. "They all come back," as a legendary turfwriter once put it. So don't be surprised if you see Patrick Valenzuela or Larry Gilligan don the silks and polish the boots anew. OK, maybe not.

Sadly, Chris Antley won't be around to prove the theory. Fondly remembered as the great Ant-Man in his East Coast heyday, Antley had more talent in his left-handed stick than most will ever accumulate after decades of riding. No one who ever watched him get after a horse late will forget it. Rest in peace, Chris. We miss your skills and your smile.

What's Doin'
A couple of new things you might want to check out on the Cynthia Publishing Website.

For one, the "Today's Picks" section has been revived and geared toward action, man, action. Longshots are now the order of the day, and at the three major winter tracks of Aqueduct, Gulfstream and Santa Anita, to boot.

This new feature kicked off today, Jan. 5. And it just goes to show you how easy it is to pick slow horses. While those critters are seemingly everywhere, value is a bit harder to uncover. But try we must, and these picks should offer you some bang for your pari-mutuel buck.

Also, for the truly fearless, there's a Bonkers Exacta Box of the day--only one, though, it only takes one!--and if you hit it, your day (and maybe more) will be made.

You can check all that out each racing day at Today's Picks.

More Doin's
And if it's Friday, it must be time to get involved in this week's edition of the Big-Prize Handicapping Contest. (Kindly update in your own head that any references to the month of December should be nudged forward to January.)

There are weekly and monthly prizes, including cash. Just ask December's winners. It's easy and it's fun and you deserve to get rewarded for your 'cappin' skills! Do it now.

Also, by popular demand, we will extend the deadline for entry to noon EST. And we'll post highlights from the contest on the Horse Talk message board.

Stakes in the Action
And if it's Saturday, it only means one thing: added-money races galore.

Stakes and allowance races are typically more formful than the rest. Undeterred, we are are pleased to present ALL-IN-ONE's value selections for a couple Saturday stakes:

Turfway, Race 9, Cincinnati Trophy Stakes
#3 Patti Peach
Fair Grounds, Race 9, Thelma Stakes
#4 Cheryl P.

Good luck out there.

New Meets
So far at Santa Anita, which opened Dec.26, and Gulfstream, which opened Jan. 3, speed is ruling in dirt sprints. (Early speed, that is. We all know that overall speed wins every race.)

At Santa Anita, early speed is supreme at five and a half and six furlongs. Six and a half, however, hasn't been kind to the early types, at least on the win end.

Likewise at Gulfstream, where at six furlongs, while only one horse has gone all the way, no winners have been behind by more than a handful of lengths at either early call.

Dirt routes, at both tracks, are what they call a "developing situation."

On turf, Santa Anita's course has seen winners from all over, but the downhill sprint again is favoring the deep close. At Gulfstream, closers on the grass haven't fared as well as might be expected.

Sneak Preview
This month's C&X Report, which goes postward this weekend, features a player profile of Vinnie Ralph, a spot method for second-off-a-layoff horses, a new angle on body language and a visit to the C&X Cafe.

If you haven't already, definitely check C&X out. E-mail us for a complimentary copy. (Please, nonsubscribers only.) And see why C&X is the sine qua non--full of wit, humor and literateness to go along with the great stats--of monthly racing newsletters.

Your Reward
Thank you for staying with us through the entire issue. We appreciate your readership and wish to reward you with a 25% discount (except C&X Report) off your next order with us. To redeem online, simply click to our online store and when filling out the shipping information, enter "Short Line Discount" in the field labeled "Special Instructions." It's that easy.

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Again, thanks for spending time with us. And see you next time.

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