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Twelve Steps to Handicapping Mastery
Twelve Steps to Handicapping Mastery Quantity in Basket: None
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by Dick Mitchell

Improve Your Results In 12 Easy Steps --
Take The Mitchell Handicapping Course

The year 2000 was the last year of the twentieth century. It was not the turn of the millennium. January 1, 2001, was the first day of the twenty-first century. The reason we mention this is to demonstrate a simple point: if you hear something often enough, regardless of its truth or falsity, it takes on the mantle of truth. Same for the principles of handicapping. There's a lot of stuff out there that handicappers believe to be true, but the data say otherwise.

Dick Mitchell has made an exhaustive study of over 750,000 races and has the facts. He knows exactly what wins races and what doesn't. He has put together a program that's absolutely spectacular. He calls it The Twelve Steps To Handicapping Mastery. This twelve part handicapping course is organized on a step-by-step basis. Each lesson consists of an audio lecture and booklet which demonstrates the principles involved. Do you have to wait until you've completed all twelve lessons before you can begin cashing in on these principles? Absolutely not. With each lesson, you be able to apply what you've learned and see immediate results at the win window. The good news is this process is cumulative and you'll learn at a pace that's comfortable to you. Dick Mitchell believes that repetition is the mother of skill. It's much better to learn things a step at a time, rather than try to master a lot of material at one time.

You'll learn which races to play and which to pass. You'll learn how to make each type of bet properly. No more exacta boxes, except in very special cases. No more four-horse trifecta boxes which guarantee at least 23 losing bets. You'll learn not only how to bet the trifecta properly, you'll learn how to handicap for "place and show" horses.

Each principle you'll learn is rock-solid and based upon a very large number of races, not anecdotal observations. You'll learn how to give each of the major handicapping factors their proper weight based on the type of race and the relative abilities of the contenders. You'll learn the factors that fool the public into establishing "false favorites." As you'll learn, the best races to play are the ones that contain a "false favorite."

The secret to winning at thoroughbred racing is to simply find races that are offering more value for the associated risk that you are taking. For example, you estimate a horse's chances to win at 30% and the public makes him the 2-1 favorite. Pass this race. If, however, this same horse were going off at 3-1, bet it with both hands. In the first case, you are at a 10% disadvantage. You're literally burning money by making the bet. The second case puts you at a 20% advantage. You're not guaranteed to win this particular bet, but if you keep betting with a 20% advantage, you can only win in the long run. This course will teach you how to properly estimate a horse's chance to win.

The advent of multi-track simulcasting has forever changed the landscape of thoroughbred handicapping. Now we have more opportunities than ever, but at a price. That price is time. We have the challenge of having to handicap more races than we actually have time to do. Consider picking up a simulcast-edition of the Daily Racing Form that contains past performances for five tracks. This means we have somewhere between 40 and 50 races to look at. If it takes just 15 minutes per race, that's at least 10 hours of handicapping. We know that it's impossible to remain sharp for that length of time. Even if we use a computer and download all these races, we still must take the time to analyze each.

Mitchell has solved this problem. Whether you use a computer or not, Mitchell shows you exactly how to scan the races for what he calls "profit opportunities." These are profit-packed opportunities based of one of these twelve principles which you yourself will have rigorously tested and proven. This time-saving skill alone is worth the price for this course.

There are two components to each bet you make. The first is the selection (handicapping) component. The second is the decision (betting) component. They both have to play together in order to come out on top of this difficult game. Most of the handicapping literature addresses the selection component and pays lip service to the decision component. In fact, there are very few books that give proper betting strategy. Mitchell thinks this is why so few players really understand this game. A perfect example of this is the current literature on the subject of exacta wagering. The selection component is the ability to handicap the "place horse." (Handicapping the place horse is actually harder than handicapping the winner.) The decision component is how to make the bet properly. How often have you seen both components mentioned together? In order to win consistently at thoroughbred racing both components must be present. Every bet must carry a positive player edge or you're gambling as opposed to investing.

The purpose of The Twelve Steps To Handicapping Mastery is to teach you one step at a time exactly how to become a parimutuel investor. Gambling is for losers. Mitchell will teach you how to take the gamble out of thoroughbred handicapping and wagering.

The bottom line is you'll learn how Dick Mitchell thinks and acts. If you do the same things he does, you'll get the same results he gets. He has been a winning player since the early eighties. Here's a chance to take your handicapping and wagering skills to the next level. Each month you will learn a new skill that will pay for itself in spades. With each lesson, you'll learn a winning principle that has withstood the test of time.

Any one of these twelve principles can lead you to the win window. Taken together, they are awesome. This course will pay for itself over and over again with each issue.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the material in this course has the power to create a second income. With each lesson, you'll learn a winning principle and you'll be able to cash it at the win window. This course will pay out of all proportion to the money spent on it. Where else can you invest $95 and reap a lifetime income?

P.S. You have no idea of the value you'll receive from this course. For example, in the very first lesson, Step One, Mitchell will share a play that comes up every day where he earns $1.40 for every dollar he puts through the mutuels. This play alone is worth the price of this course and has been statistically validated by Jim Bayles of SportStat and Mark Cramer of the C&X Newsletter.

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