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Hidden Probabilities: Hard-Core Research for X-Rated Horseplayers
Hidden Probabilities: Hard-Core Research for X-Rated Horseplayers Quantity in Basket: None
Code: BK-385
Price: $59.95
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Introducing Mark Cramer's Newest Booklet: Hidden Probabilities: Hard-Core Research for X-Rated Horseplayers

Let the Ease of 'Mechanical' and the Power of Hidden Probabilities Take Your Handicapping Further

Like the idea of mechanical handicapping methods but don't care for their disappointing results? Wouldn't you love being able to scan a bunch of races using just a couple of handfuls of factors and know which races and horses you could consider -- and still put yourself in line for overlaid mutuels and consistent profits? In the past, the two -- mechanical methods and consistent profits -- constituted an unlikely partnership. But thanks to the tireless research and out-of-the-box creative thinking of none other than the amazing Mark Cramer, the merging of simple methods and success at the mutuel windows is closer than ever. And you can learn all about this glorious development in Cramer's latest booklet, Hidden Probabilities: Hard-Core Research for X-Rated Horseplayers.

Simplified, Not Simple-Minded

Most mechanical handicapping methods are entirely laughable: add 10 points for each length gained in the stretch or subtract 5 points for a horse up in class and bet on the horse with the highest point total. True, even some of the most simple-minded of these methods will work for a while, but in the end, they take you down a losing road. The reason? They fail to consider the incredible variation and nuances of the great game of horse racing. Little thought (and an even smaller amount of research, if any) goes into them. But what if some original thinking preceded the design of the methods? What if a manageable amount of commonsense thinking guided the "mechanical" process every step of the way, from the creation of the methods themselves to their implementation? That might be a winner.

Leave It to Mark Cramer to Show You How to Get the Most Out of Just a Little

Enter Mark Cramer, the undisputed king of right-brained, creative-but-profitable handicapping instruction and practice. You might have heard of him from the provocative, acclaimed and highly effective books and publications The Odds on Your Side, Thoroughbred Cycles, Please Hold All Tickets and C&X Report. Cramer's tireless research, study and unmatched thinking on the subject of Thoroughbred horserace handicapping have pondered over and wrestled with the complexity of handicapping and wagering to come up with the elementary. Since so much original thought and deliberation go into his findings and writings beforehand, Cramer is able to bring you fresh handicapping ideas that aren't convoluted or impossibly long-winded. Like all good things, Cramer's teachings are distilled to a workable essence. Unlike other handicapping writers, Cramer doesn't need to dazzle you with b.s. to show you he's brilliant. You'll find the brilliance in his straightforward, understandable style. He's done the hard work so you can enjoy just the results.

A Better Foundation: Racing's Hidden Probabilities Take You to New Heights

Cramer's hard work stemmed from this simple premise: So much of the handicapping literature is based on old concepts (or, worse, anecdotes) that were touted as many as 25 years ago! What if things had changed? What if handicapping had become a different game that required a fresh look? What important truths had handicappers failed to see? In short, what areas had handicappers overlooked, losing sight of the profits lurking within? Cramer asked all these questions (plus a few more), did the important, painstaking research and study and the result is a better foundation: racing's hidden probabilities, the ones that remain out of view of the betting public at-large. Reading Hidden Probabilities: Hard-Core Research for X-Rated Horseplayers lets you see racing from an exciting new perspective.

Ten Easy Yet Powerful Handicapping 'Angles' You've Probably Been Ignoring

From this new perspective of racing's hidden probabilities, Cramer has furnished you with 10 handicapping situations you might be tempted to call "angles." (Think of it as a compilation of Cramer's simple-but-elegant 10 "greatest hits" from the past two years of his monthly newsletter, C&X Report.) True, these 10 situations are blessed with angle-type simplicity, but that's where the similarity ends. Backed by hundreds of hours and thousands of races of Cramer's legendary research and study, these situations are guided by good sense and savvy every step of the way, from Cramer's creation to your implementation. The good news is that while they play and feel like angles, these 10 situations have demonstrated a pari-mutuel power that far surpasses the run-of-the-mill angle.

Want proof? There's no better proof than in Situation #1.

Remember the old business of the "Big Win"? By itself, not much to write home about. So leave it Cramer to teach you a fantastic new trick that takes the old dog, the tired Big Win, and turns it into a snarling bulldog of a factor, capable of generating an obscene 35 percent hit rate and profits on the order of 30 percent! This one packs bark and bite.

And that's just the first one. Nine more power situations will have you viewing the past performances like never before. You'll turn such mundane handicapping concepts as "last-out in-the-money," "second-timers" and "consistent winners" into devastating money-makers for you. Top those off with Cramer originals like "5-5-5 Plunge Factor," "Speed Figs in Motion" and "Longshot Trainers" and you're on your way.

Get Your New Year Off to a Fast Start with Hidden Probabilities: Hard-Core Research for X-Rated Horseplayers

The amount of research, study and creative thinking that Cramer put into this latest booklet, Hidden Probabilities: Hard-Core Research for X-Rated Horseplayers to come up with recurring, easy-to-apply handicapping situations, represents a major development for all horseplayers looking to improve their results. Whether you're a handicapper who wants to look for a profitable way to scan the races and horses for a few plays a day or a comprehensive student of the game seeking a new perspective on traditional approaches, you'll find plenty of value in Cramer's newest work.

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