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The Betting Analyst Supreme Express
The Betting Analyst Supreme Express Quantity in Basket: None
Code: BA-S
Price: $99.95
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The Betting Analyst Supreme Express


The power to turn your favorite pastime into a handsome-paying hobby or even a profession is already in your grasp. You just don't know it. And the reason you don't know it is that you're too busy trying to tinker with your handicapping without paying even the scarcest attention to your betting strategy and money management. How many times have you heard it said or even said it yourself: "I'd do a lot better if I only knew how to bet and manage my money."? Well, the practical solution to that dilemma is here. Get ready to do a lot better.

We're proud to introduce The Betting Analyst Supreme Express, our newly upgraded record-keeping and performance-analysis software. It gives you the wherewithal to turn the drudgery and tedium traditionally associated with record-keeping and performance analysis into a fun-filled, revealing and ultimately profitable quest toward improving your bottom line at the racetrack. And it does it without bruising your ego.


No more tedious input! You can use your Handicapper's Data Warehouse subscription or the new low-cost $9.95/month "results only" subscription with the new "lookup" feature to automatically look up and fill in the race conditions and results for races run in the last 45 days over the internet.


Whether you realize it or not, your style of handicapping and wagering already has the potential to enrich you with profits galore. For deep within that style of play — right now, this very moment, from the way you mark up the past performances, or utilize your favorite handicapping software, or follow your favorite public handicapper, down to the decisions you make at the windows or through your online wagering account — are predictable patterns of performance that unmask a basic truth: You're a specialist.

Yes, of course, you see yourself as a good or even great all-around handicapper and bettor, but there are unmistakable areas in which your performance is positively sparkling. Did you know that? Many players do not, simply because they're too busy fretting over their handicapping and chasing the diminishing returns of covering all the angles or retrieving every last bit of information. There's a better, easier, almost painless way, one that doesn't challenge the foundations of your preferred approach to handicapping.

And it's yours, thanks to The Betting Analyst Supreme Express. This record-keeping and performance-analysis software doesn't ask you to change your handicapping. Proceed as you normally do. The Betting Analyst Supreme Express asks you to answer a few innocuous questions about each race you've handicapped. You punch your responses quickly and easily into your computer and then, like magic, your handicapping and wagering self-portrait instantly splashes on the screen. Congratulations! You are a huge step closer to vastly improving your results — and your handicapping remains intact.

In the blink of an eye, you learn some amazing things you were too busy to notice before, and that most other players will be blind to forever. You discover your style of play has definite, measurable areas of strength, as well as some spots of vulnerability. There's a certain category of race that produces healthy returns, or a certain type of wager you're really cleaning up on. Yes, you have just found out several precise, proven, profit-packed areas of your very own, as well as some areas to avoid. Like the savvy baseball hitter who waits for his favorite pitch locations while staying away from the others, you become a discerning, savvy betting strategist and money manager. You pounce on your favorite races and bets and let the rest go. And like the good baseball hitter, your average and power go up — way up. The Betting Analyst Supreme Express gives you a hassle-free, downright enjoyable new way to focus in on and pick your spots, while gently easing you toward the possibility that, hey, it's OK to pass a race (or several of them) every now and again.


Using The Betting Analyst Supreme Express is a snap. Entering your wagers is quick and easy. You can add all the wagers for a race using a single screen, and you can automatically generate "Phantom Wagers" simply by entering the results — even if you did not wager on the race. These "Phantom Wagers" are used by the program to track the overall success of ALL of your contenders.

After entering the details of the race using fast, hot-key enabled drop downs, click on the tab of the type of wager you want to enter. When you're done entering wagers, click the Save button. If you have more races to enter for that track and day, simply click the Save/Next button instead and everything is set up for entering the next race.

Of course, you also have the ability to enter, delete or correct any entry using the "Edit Wagers" function.


If you have a subscription to the Handicapper's Data Warehouse download service, you're ready to eliminate almost all of your data entry time! (If you don't have a download subscription, we have arranged for a very special, $9.95/month "results only" subscription just for this program. Click Here for details).

Simply enter the date and race number for the track you're entering wagers for and click the "Lookup" button. The program will connect directly to the HDW servers over the internet and if the results for that race are in a screen will pop up which lets you set your contenders in a flash.

Once you've set your contenders, the program fills in all of the race data, the results and your contenders ready for you to enter your wagers. As a bonus, phantom wagers are automatically set and generated for your contender analysis reports.

Can it get even easier? Yes.

If you have handicapped the next race at that track, clicking the "SAVE/NEXT" button instead of the "SAVE" button not only saves your wagers, it automatically looks up the results for that race and asks for your contenders. You can enter your wagers for an entire card in a matter of minutes.

The Betting Analyst Supreme Express, like its predecessor the original Betting Analyst, offers you a practically painless way of documenting and monitoring your performance across a broad range of handicapping categories and subcategories. Do you perform better in sprints or routes, dirt or turf, dirt sprints or turf routes? Or perhaps you're great at maiden special weight but need help with maiden-claimers. The answers will reveal themselves to you in the blink of an eye, for every type of bet imaginable. From there, it shouldn't be too hard for you to start betting and managing your money accordingly — easily maximizing your return on investment.


No need to wait overnight to find value. The interactive nature of the program and an automatic "half-Kelly" computation will let you spot the worthwhile conditions at a glance. With up to 300 additional subcategories, including day of the week, race number and the ability to fine-tune the level of detail of the report options, The Betting Analyst Supreme Express significantly improves on the proven power and versatility of the original.


But how often is your top pick or second pick or third pick winning, and what would your profit or loss be had you bet on each and every one of them? That's just some of the added power of The Betting Analyst Supreme Express. Perhaps your top pick is a long-term loser on all its selections but your second pick is underbet and might deliver automatic profits. You get this vital information when you select "Phantom Bets" on key reports.

The "Contender Report", for example, spells it all out in an easy- to-read and easy-to-use format. Not only do you get the Win, Place and Show percentages for your contenders individually, you also get the information grouped by top 2 contenders, top 3 contenders, and so on.

In addition you get an analysis of how often your top contenders would come in on different parts of an exacta or a quinella.

Of course, this is just scratching the surface. You can bring up reports showing your performance at all the tracks you play, selecting any specific type of wager. By using the Comment Field to "tag" wagers, you can quickly see how various wagering techniques you might want to experiment with play out — and, of course, you can set up "experimental" tracks to test theories with in a way that doesn't interfere with your "real- life" record-keeping.


So if you're the world's greatest handicapper (and, let's face it, we all know we are!) and you want to start winning even more, The Betting Analyst Supreme Express is for you. The energy-draining, sheer mental torture of agonizing over which races to bet, which races to pass, which races to pull the trigger, which races to put in an "action" bet, The Betting Analyst Supreme Express will help banish it from your racing experience. Talk about addition by subtraction!

Runs on Windows, MacOS X and Linux. Minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 required. Connection to the Internet and HDW subscription required for the Lookup function.

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