First Post: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Opened yesterday. Now closed again today. The carnage is up to 22 horses now, as of Thursday, 11:19 a.m. PDT. Some big news coming out of Arcadia at noon now. If it’s not the track, what is it?

You ever seen the original Hawaii Five-O programme? Unequaled and ahead of its time. Well, one of the episodes involved people on the islands dying left and right from bad smack. Nancy Wilson was in that episode, playing an all-time jazz singer who was hooked on the stuff. Apparently, it was not the smack itself, but the dealer, played by the immortal Milton Seltzer, cutting the stuff with some rat poison — accidentally, too! The bad stuff was sliding onto the good stuff as he was measuring it out. So it wasn’t the smack itself…it was the strychnine sneaking into the smack! Nancy Wilson ended-up dying while picking out a tune on a piano in an amphitheatre. Good stuff.

So if it’s not the track, Alex Jones, what’s the conspiracy theory here? PETA getting hold of the equine drugs, mislabeling them or some such, like one of those Angel of Death nurses gone vigilante in the human hospitals? Is it the Peter Singer Mob getting to these poor horses, sacrificing a few of them like equine pawns in order to win the larger war against racing? Rogue grooms? Infiltrators? Bad hay? Nerve agents preventing the horses from feeling undue stress and pain? VX? Novichok? Come on, Alex Jones! We need the truth. If people can cheat their way into elite universities (not Tulane!), then what’s a dead horse mean to somebody else if they make a few dollars or make a larger point? Steve McGarrett, please make a trip to the mainland. We need answers. Thank you. Be there. Aloha.


Chas. Town 8
#2 Frankie Dots ($28.40, BestLine Fair Odds 5.58-1)

Gulf 1
#6 Cat’s Astray ($25, BestLine Fair Odds 2.75-1)

Mahoning 6
#8 Tinca’s Bird ($43, BestLine Fair Odds 7.20-1)

Tampa 7
#6 Proper Manners ($24.40, BestLine Fair Odds 4.75-1)

Tampa 9
#7 Rock Solid Golfer ($24.80, BestLine Fair Odds 6.87-1)

Fair Grounds 8 (Low-Priced Overlay of the Day)
#4 War Film ($8.20, BestLine Fair Odds 2.23-1)

Fair Grounds 3, 4, 7 got the call yesterday. Six overlays, the best finish being second at 3-1. Next time!

WMF Report / Track-Trend Notes:

Available daily via Twitter feed: here.


Oaklawn. Get used to it. It’s going to be SoCal East for at least the next three weeks. Races 1, 4, 5 & 6 look best today. Steve McGarrett, wiki-wiki! P.S. Happy π Day, too.

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  1. halochef says:

    and where is that winner on thrus nite jeopardy from??? the great state of Pittsburgh,Pa. a winning day for the “Burgh Pens win 5-0 and those Bucco’s win 9-2 over the parx team. and this one

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