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Good advice. No word if Winning Thoroughbred Strategies or Commonsense Handicapping is permissible, however.

Already talking to the neonatal grandson. For example, he has been told he is in Santa Monica, Calif., and that the capital of Colombia is Bogotá, etc. As the clip in the lede says, ‘It’s never too early’. Plus he’s had a few cycles of ‘The Alphabet Song’, because, really, how are you going to absorb any of this stuff without A-B-C-D-E-F-G etc.?

We’ll probably end up singing him some of the tamer Pavement and Malkmus songs, too. Dancing also should be on that list. Because what is more hardwired than singing if not dancing? It’s the best we can do until there’s enough motor skills to grip a tennis racquet and so on.

Apocryphal story is that your favourite blogger here was reading by age 2.5 yrs. Again, this just may be a proud boast of fabulism by his parents. As well, Art Fleming was a nightly visitor via the television by age 4 or 5, when the newspaper started being read to the young lad. The latter two stages of development we do remember clearly. Not sure about the reading though. However, in Kindergarten our parents made sure to let the teacher know we were reading. When the other kids were eating paste and fingerpainting on each other, we took the opportunity to read to the teacher. Hoo-boy. Also to waitresses in restaurants, reading the words off the doggie bag. Who knows how this stuff happens? You’re just a kid, you do what your parents bid. Hoo-boy. So we were taught early-on to be performative, to be a dazzler. No instilling of the work-ethic, just the performative-dazzler ethic. Hoo-boy.

So perhaps young grandson will have precocious development but without any of the associated neuroses and hangups. That’s the idea, anyway!


Golden Gate 10
#5 Manila Mischief ($22.60, BestLine Fair Odds 4.88-1)

Tampa 7
#6 Best Chance Yet ($66.80, BestLine Fair Odds 3.50-1)

Turf Paradise 2
#6 Strongreach ($50.60, BestLine Fair Odds 3.67-1)

Aqueduct 6 (Low-Priced Overlay of the Day)
#4 Erlich ($12.40, BestLine Fair Odds 2.14-1)

So with only one race to screw-up, we actually did OK in the nightcap at Gate. Three overlays, including the 10-1 winner. Sometimes.

WMF Report / Track-Trend Notes:

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Turf Paradise 2, 4, 5, 8.

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