On-Line at The Short Line: Simulblast Edition for Friday, Aug. 3, 2018


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August 3, 2018

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Value Geeks, Unite!

We are known for pushing the longshots, advising when the horses that are 8-1 or higher on the morning line are worthy of a play. 

Sometimes they work out, winning and paying off at at least $18 up top. And sometimes they win at lower than an $18 mutuel. 

And then sometimes horses that are lower than 8-1 on the morning line win — and then pay off at $18 or even higher in real life.

An instance from just yesterday, Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, the finale at Del Mar.

The advisory from the BestLine was on #2 Late Night Ride, BestLine Fair Odds of 6.87-1 and 12-1 on the morning line. At 45-1 on the toteboard, Late Night Ride remained playable, if not running anywhere near the lead at the end.

But, with the BestLine advisory, you get more than just the straight-up recommendations — you get the full-blown BestLine Fair Odds rundown for every experienced runner in the field. So, back to that finale at Del Mar. There was a horse at 5-1 on the morning line that could not be recommended, simply because the morning-line odds were too low.

However, that 5-1 morning-line horse, #5 Be Lifted Up, went off at 12-1. And, since the subscribers had the full-blown, top-to-bottom BestLine Fair odds on all the experienced runners in the race, they saw that Be Lifted Up had BestLine Fair Odds of 5.37-1. In other words, they saw a big win overlay, at a glance, no matter how low the morning line odds were.

Indeed, the true Value Geeks among them could calculate the positive-expectation return, long-haul: Actual Odds of 12-1 at a win-probability of .157 (15.7pc), good for a 104pc overlay edge. (Real geeks could extend things out to the decimal points, actual odds of 12.70-1 at the same win-probability of .157, for an even better 115pc!)

So, Weekend Warriors, Curiosity Seekers, Missers of the Free Pick of the Day Page, what are you waiting for? This is the real value product we have for you. This is Kicking It Old School, same initial thrills as the first time you read Winning Thoroughbred Strategies or The Odds On Your Side or Money Secrets at the Racetrack. This is the timeless positive-expectation value playing on the win-end, same as you learnt at the knee of Barry Meadowlark Lemon, Monsieur Marcus Cramer and, R.I.P., The Old Master, Mistah Richard Mitchell, the Original Three Musketeers of The Value-Boy Style of Play. The ones they all snickered at but who proved, mathematically, to be correct all along. See ya, Howie Sartinez, Ph.D. Adios, Ainslie!

So, Friends of Racing, Lovers of The Proper Way to Play the Thoroughbred Horseraces, if you would like the confidence you are playing with the percentages in your favor, the unmatched confidence and decisiveness that comes from playing with a good set of Fair Odds on a classic Betting Line, the BestLine Fair Odds advisory report that comes with the following excellent product is for you. Wonderful way to structure the play. A real checklist methodology based on odds, probabilities, percentages and long-term goodness.

Here it is: You get the fantastical Winning Trainer Tricks, the 8-to-1-or-higher-on-the-morning-line advisories…AND, as just mentioned the the paragraphs above, the full-blown top-to-bottom BestLine Fair Odds Betting Line so you can spot the value that happens in real life, on the toteboard, without relying on the imprecision of the morning line.

Do it. Do it now. Discover by doing…NOW. Treat yourself to the kind of Betting Line and Fair Odds rundown you originally got in the game for, that opened up your eyes and your perspective and added greatly to your profit margin. We are The Value Boys. We know from our hard-fought wisdom and tradition and time-honored techniques for Getting the Value Right. You may not be able to get things for free anymore, but we are supremely assured that what you get nowadays is way-better than free. You will agree. Pride of ownership!

Travel Size Weekend Access: Winning Trainer Tricks PLUS BestLine for Saratoga & Del Mar for the Weekend of Aug. 4-5

Travel Size Weekend Access Continues!

Horses jumping out of computer screens all the time, and these high-tech wizard longshots just want to jump into your lap, too!

Live-longshot advisories for Saratoga & Del Mar, spice up your horizontal exotics by including them; make the vertical exotics pay even better by slotting them into your place-and-show (and fourth!) positions. The possibilities are endless, and the better the quality of your longshots, the easier it is for you to collect a meet-making mutuel. You can do it!

At least 40 races to look at, plus many added-money events for your upcoming Saturday & Sunday at Saratoga & Del Mar. It takes just one or two 20-1 zongo runners to get that daily double, pick 3 or even perfecta or trizacta to launch you into fat-bankroll status. 

We do the work, you consider some high-priced horses that likely have escaped your grasp. These are professional-level insights, and we enjoy digging them up for yourself. Here’s how it works…

Travel Size Weekend Access: Winning Trainer Tricks PLUS BestLine for Saratoga & Del Mar for the Weekend of Aug. 4-5

You know you are going to the races. An extra pair of eyes and a big historical & probabilistic brain never hurt your search.

Look at the Performance

We continue to review the highlights of the BestLine analysis daily over here…

HiddenEntries Weblog

See if you had ’em, of if they might have helped you. The BestLine is not equaled or duplicated anywhere. 

No More Freebies

We have started assessing the quality and value of our work realistically. No one works for free, and we all should have skin in the game. The Pick of the Day is no more; however, we invite you to consider our many products and services, spearheaded by…


Travel Size Weekend Access: Winning Trainer Tricks PLUS BestLine for Saratoga & Del Mar for the Weekend of Aug. 4-5


P.S. Thank you for your longtime support and kind consideration!

P.P.S. Discover by doing!

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