First Post: Saturday, July 7, 2018


The voice

This time of year again, when the amphitheatre opens up and the citizens congregate outdoors for some breezy entertainment. Last night, though, a scorcher in the stands (temps still in the 90s at 8 p.m. PDT) and on stage. Lungs, pipes and volume! Belt it!

The total package. Singing, dancing, conversing with the fans, hits and giggles. A charismatic performer. As well, the popcorn remains the best available in La-La Land. Try all three varieties!

Fleet Frontrunners
Assiniboia 3, 5, 6
Chas. Town 6
Fairmount (!) 2, 3

Fast Final-Furlong Phantasms

Favorable Faves*
Chas. Town 6

Freakazoid Factories

*-morning-line faves only, including those bumped-up to morning-line-favorite status after accounting for raceday scratches and changes, which are current as of 7:32 p.m. EDT; no-go if race switches surface or if any part of coupled-entry scratches; lost popular vote

-raceday scratches & changes unavailable at press-time; advanced on penalties, 4-3

YESTERDAY’s Fine Finishes
Albuquerque 3
Assiniboia 5
Chas. Town 7
Emerald 2
Gulf 9
Laurel 1

-High-Octane Chancers doin’ it exclusively with All-In-One V6 and its LifeLiner Speed Column analysis and LifeLiner Spread Column analysis, without regard to operational definitions of faves or freakazoids; thank you!

Don’t be a dullard — enjoy a little popular culture every now and again!


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