First Post: Monday, June 18, 2018


In bloom…

The Holy Trinity of La-La Land Flora — The Italian Cypress, The Bird of Paradise and The Jacaranda. Pictured here, The Blossoms of The Jacaranda…JACARANDA…

In the San Fernando Valley and other lower elevations, where the heat and sun are more intense than they are up in the canyons, the blossoms of the jacaranda tend to unleash themselves a week or two before Memorial Day, springing an umbrella of purple majesty through the end of June. For the jacarandas of Upper Nichols Canyon, though, their botanical beauty tends to be delayed until mid-June. And now here we are in front of the Home Office in Studio Los Angeles. Enjoy!

Fleet Frontrunners
Arapahoe 4, 5, 7
Thistle 5, 6, 7

Fast Final-Furlong Phantasms
Presque 1, 7, 8

Favorable Faves*
Arapahoe 4, 8
Presque 1, 8
Thistle 5, 8

Freakazoid Factories
Mountain 1, 3
Presque 6
Thistle 4

*-morning-line faves only, including those bumped-up to morning-line-favorite status after accounting for raceday scratches and changes, which are current as of 2:09 p.m. EDT; no-go if race switches surface or if any part of coupled-entry scratches; priced as shown

-raceday scratches & changes unavailable at press-time; accessories sold separately

YESTERDAY’s Fine Finishes
Canterbury 9
Churchill 5
The CPW (!) 2
Gulf 6
Lone Star 6
Northlands 4
Keystone 5
Prairie 2

-High-Octane Chancers doin’ it exclusively with All-In-One V6 and its LifeLiner Speed Column analysis and LifeLiner Spread Column analysis, without regard to operational definitions of faves or freakazoids; thank you!

Mental Health Days — never discount their function or their importance! Also, enjoy the purple majesty of the jacaranda while you can.


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2 Responses to First Post: Monday, June 18, 2018

  1. halochef says:

    for the older days…..

    • Shoutoute says:

      Each mascot/CEO-in-training has a different skillset. With the dear, departed One-Eyed Pug, it was lap-warming and snoring. This Kevork, the Rocky Mountain Spotted Retriever, is all in with the athletics. If he were a human, he‘d be an underwear model or a UFC professional, certainly. Thank you!

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