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Good programme.

We don’t watch that much television, but this is something we set aside 30 mins. for every week. The acting is good all around, and you know Anna Faris is just irresistibly adorable. She’s recovering as best she can, and she bears up all the vicissitudes of life with a healthy amount of grace and patience. As well, the show is set in Napa, and it acknowledges the ethnic realities of that area — there’s a gruff Armenian landlord and a cranky Vietnamese tenant, believe it. Plus there’s a guy in a wheelchair. The Anonymous-meeting dialogue is not realistic (cross-talk is required instead of forbidden!), but it’s a nice show anyway.

As for the layout here in the photo, we get these ‘For Your Consideration’ promos in the paper every week, it seems. (If you don’t get the paper, you can see these campaigns on billboards all over the streets of Southern California.) Rather than target actual voters of the awards (Emmy, Oscar, etc.), they just throw them in to all subscribers and hope that a few of them actually are members of the academy or whatever, and that these promos will persuade the voters. If you live here in La-La Land, you get it.

Fleet Frontrunners
Churchill 5, 6
PennNat 2, 4, 7

Fast Final-Furlong Phantasms

Favorable Faves*
Churchill 4
Chas. Town 2, 5, 7
Prairie 6

Freakazoid Factories
Presque 5

*-morning-line faves only, including those bumped-up to morning-line-favorite status after accounting for raceday scratches and changes, which are current as of 5:42 p.m. EDT; no-go if race switches surface or if any part of coupled-entry scratches; main-track only

-raceday scratches & changes unavailable at press-time; shod with mud caulks

YESTERDAY’s Fine Finishes
Evangeline 8
Mountain 5
Presque 3

-High-Octane Chancers doin’ it exclusively with All-In-One V6 and its LifeLiner Speed Column analysis and LifeLiner Spread Column analysis, without regard to operational definitions of faves or freakazoids; thank you!

Anna Faris #1 always.


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