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The GOAT is stretched

When’s the last time you saw a golfer mimic a ballet dancer? Still waiting?

Here’s the 1-in-100-billion Roger Federer looking like he is running and extending as hard as he can and as far as he can for a ball that is zooming at around 100mph and spinning furiously away from his physical body. The ball will not kindly sit motionless for him; he actually has to exert some energy — a considerable amount, it seems! — to try to reach the ball, first, and then to try to place his racquet-face to meet it, second. It takes something special to lash the ball by him such that he appears flustered, yet this is exactly what his opponent across the net, Juan Martin del Potro, has just accomplished here. As for the match itself, del Potro outlasted Federer in a three-set thriller, with the deciding set requiring a tiebreaker to settle things. Ladies & gentlemen, your 2018 BNP Paribas Open champion, Juan Martin del Potro…DEL POTRO!

Fleet Frontrunners

Fast Final-Furlong Phantasms

Favorable Faves*
Keystone 1, 2
Turf Paradise 3
The WRD 3

Freakazoid Factories
Turf Paradise 8

*-morning-line faves only, including those bumped-up to morning-line-favorite status after accounting for raceday scratches and changes, which are current as of 12:39 p.m. EST; no-go if race switches surface or if any part of coupled-entry scratches; enlarged to show texture

-raceday scratches & changes unavailable at press-time; batteries not included

SATURDAY’s Fine Finishes
Chas. Town 6
Sam Houston 11
Laurel 2
Keystone 9, 10 (late double returned $1,036, for $2)

YESTERDAY’s Fine Finishes
Aqueduct 6
Oaklawn 5, 6, 9
Tampa 7, 8, 9 (daily double on Races 7, 8 returned $519, for $2; daily double on Races 8, 9 returned $200, for $2; pick 3 returned $4,290, for $1)

-High-Octane Chancers doin’ it exclusively with All-In-One V6 and its LifeLiner Speed Column analysis and LifeLiner Spread Column analysis, without regard to operational definitions of faves or freakazoids; thank you!

And remember, in the Game of Life, no matter how good you are, some balls are bound to get past you.


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