First Post: Thursday, December 21, 2017

Had a roommate in college who used to put this on the cassette deck to help us get to sleep at night. Of course you’re going to hear Pachelbel on an infinite loop this time of year, so we’re not being abusive or anything.

Remember the one time it snowed in New Orleans, maybe December 1987 or 1988, can’t remember for sure. We walked out of a cocktail party and there it was. The neutral ground was good and damp and soft, so we were uprooting the signs alongside the streetcar tracks, signs that said things like, ‘This Section of Streetcar Line Maintained by Ochsner Clinic’ or ‘…by Temple Touro’ or ‘…by D.H. Holmes’, etc. You get the idea. We bore our treasure the length of St. Charles Ave., shivering in blue blazers and grey flannel, and deposited them in a drunken stupor at the old Zeta Psi house on Broadway. Come morning, the brothers were duly impressed.

Still haven’t been in La-La Land during a snowfall. It has happened here in the last 26 yrs., but on that day we were in Colorado instead, where indeed there was plenty of the white stuff. Cazart!

Reliable Ralliers
Fair Grounds 4, 8

Favorable Faves*
Delta 9
Fair Grounds 5
Gulf 7
PennNat 3, 7
Turfway 8

Freakazoid Factories
Gulf 9

YESTERDAY’s Fine Finishes
Fair Grounds 6
Tampa 6
Turf Paradise 8

Raceday scratches current as of 11:15 a.m. PST.

*-morning-line faves only; model priced as shown

No snow here in La-La Land this year, either.

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  1. halochef says:

    SNOW! it snows in the Stanley cup champs city the ‘burgh! even in April…..

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