First Post: Monday, December 4, 2017

Well, lucky for us They can’t also upwardly (?) redistribute the average daily high-temperatures to our friends in the Rust Belt and Bible Belt. It will be a mild 64°F in Studio City this afternoon, and Wednesday-through-Sunday, the forecast calls for mid-to-upper 70s°F. Thank you, Allah, Buddha and, yes, even you God & Jesus and also The Higher Universe in general, whatever you should prefer to call Him/Her/It. Thank you!

Fleet Frontrunners
Keystone 6, 8
Turf Paradise 1, 2

Favorable Faves*
Mahoning 5
Keystone 5, 6
Turf Paradise 8

Freakazoid Factories
Mahoning 7
Keystone 9
Portland 6

*-morning-line favorites only; also denotes apprentice jockey; as well, not available in all 50 states
-raceday scratches not available at press-time; precooked weight

Have a wonderful day out there.

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