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Fine programme! The Great Refusal! Also, the gist here is that didactical preaching and screeching and beseeching are poor ways to go about changing somebody’s mind! Screamers on both sides, take note! As well, mass public protest and rioting are nothing more than empty gestures, an ineffective praxis! Exclamation points! Why so many exclamation points on a Sunday morning! Keep it down!

Rather, it is art and the unfailing toil of the grassroots effort that may be able to dislodge the rusted nut from the stubborn bolt, a couple of hundred years down the line. Sad but true.

Also, check out DeGea’s goalkeeping exploits in this sequence:

The double-save at the 1:43 point is buzzer reflexes at play. Buzzer reflexes! To perform well on the game shows, you must first win the ringing-in faceoffs via buzzer reflexes. Keep it in mind. Buzzer reflexes!

Los Alamitos Nighttime 2, 3
Turf Paradise 2, 5

Fair Grounds 6

Golden Gate 1
Los Alamitos Nighttime 3
Los Alamitos Thoroughbreds 1, 2
Turf Paradise 2
Zia 7

Aqueduct 6, 7, 9
Golden Gate 5
Los Alamitos Thoroughbreds 4

Take care now. Sorry, Ohio State. Next time!

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