First Post: Friday, December 1, 2017

This album was initially released 25 years ago — of course, seems like yesterday! The special 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition shown in the video here is a must-listen for anyone with even a passing interest in R.E.M.

Demos and live versions add to the experience, for sure. In retrospect, this album has aged better than the one before it, Out of Time, though both unquestionably deserve their place in the Canon of Pop History. The pervading angst and dread on Automatic sound right for these times; nonetheless, there is a sweet vulnerability and a hard-won made-it-through-to-the-other-side optimism thrown-in for good measure. Keep driving.

Frontrunners on parade in Los Alamitos Nighttime 1, PennNat 6.

Fave-type runners seem fine in Aqueduct 8, Chas. Town 3, Delta 2, Delta 7, Fair Grounds 2, Fair Grounds 4, Golden Gate 4, Hawthorne 1, Los Alamitos Nighttime 1, PennNat 5, Remington 4.

Freaky runners want to upset Chas. Town 9, Delta 5, Golden Gate 8, Laurel 5, PennNat 6, Tampa 6, Turfway 4, Turfway 6.

Enjoy your December now. Have a good one.

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