Holiday Gift-Giving Ideas from Your Friends at Cynthia Publishing Company

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It’s the moment for spending now, thanks to the Time of the Season! Do your part for yourself & your favourite other handicappers and horse-racing fans. Consider gifting yourself & them something of value that will help them out!

To get you in the spirit of giving, either to yourself or someone you on your shopping list, here are some fine ideas and they all are specially priced just because you read this here Web log.

All videos
All software
Gift certificates & selection services (also here)
Yearlong information advisories for big meets & events (also here, here and here)

Put the items in your shopping cart and watch the discounts add up. That’s pretty fun to do, actually. Try it for yourself. Discover by doing!

Thank you. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be of service to yourself & other handicappers you care about. Best wishes and continued health, peace and prosperity for your 2018 Holiday Season and beyond. Thank you.

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