First Post: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Speaking of Eataly Italy…

The home of the catenaccio, the negative calcio, and now they will not be going to The Kingdom of Gazprom Russia for World Cup 2018.

Given all the prominent nations already eliminated from next year’s global championship, some big broadcaster really ought to consider having a Shadow Tourney as counterprogramming to the anticlimactic event that will be on the Big FOX-TV network. The ratings for such an ad hoc competition would be good for the advertisers: USA! USA!, Italia, Chile, Ivory Coast, Netherlands, Wales, Philippines all would be potential entrants. Big ratings. Big.

Wow! Calder (a k a Gulfstream West) is running a Tuesday card today. The Pick of the Day page is in action! Check it!

Other potential highlights:

High Predictability Quotient: Finger 2, Mountain 4, Mountain 8, Mountain 9, Keystone 2
Low Predictability Quotient: Calder 6, Mountain 7

Thanks again. Have a serene day.

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