First Post: Monday, November 13, 2017

Hey! Speaking of the Coastal Elites’ Fetishization of Food, this joint opened locally only 10 days ago or so. Yesterday’s wait time just to enter, nevermind additional wait times inside to actually eat: approx. 2 hrs. Mangia!

Doubtless everything in there is pretty nice to taste, but is the experience as transcendent and life-changing as how the citizens commenting on the SOcial MEdia are making it out to be?

For the Seekers of Order: Finger 5, Finger 8, Keystone 6, Turf Paradise 1

For the Chasers of Randomness: Mahoning 8, Keystone 5, Keystone 8

Higher Universe, relieve us of the Bondage of Self! Amen.

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