First Post: Saturday, November 11, 2017

Yesterday, PennNat 7 conformed to the forecast. The morning-line fave was troubled from the start, and even before that, given that she was cold on the board, at 4½-1 in real life, way-up from the 2-1 in the official track programme. Qualifiers on the LifeLiner Speed Column analysis and the LifeLiner Spread Column analysis combined at 12-1 and 10-1 to return an overbet $186 (for $2) perfecta.

Also, one good favorite in the Remington opener, then an honorable runner-up placing at 3-5 in the finale. What are you gonna do?

Chas. Town 1 can be High on the Predictability Quotient. Same goes for Races 3 & 7 there.

For the Longshot Louies hoping to replicate the results from PennNat 7 last night, it might be helpful to consider Delta 9, PennNat 8.

Have a nice start to your weekend now.

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