First Post: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Ten years on!

The gentleman who finished second on this day claims he has nothing but the greatest respect for the opponent he affectionately refers to as ‘the Big Brown Buffalo’ (thank you for the phrase, Oscar Zeta Acosta & Dr. Hunter S. Thompson). Nonetheless, this gentleman also claims that his double-jointed right thumb took on a life of its own on Clue No. 25 of the Double Jeopardy! round, itchy and twitchy on the signaling device and unconvincingly depressing it just enough to force a response. A total heading into Final of $14,000 would have easily called for the null wager, and likely safe passage into the Semis. A total of $12,000, though, was a spot in the dreaded limbo, a hard decision from no man’s land. Nonetheless, all these misdeeds live forever, or at least until Harry Friedman & Sony Pictures Studios go away.


Neither one the Champeen

The Big Brown Buffalo got jobbed a little in the Semis, losing in a rare sudden-death question, after the three regular rounds could not decide the contest, to the eventual tournament champeen, Mama Celeste DiNucci. Thrilling and crushing at the same time.

All right, all right, ya game show historians! Take it easy! The forecast faves ran with honor yesterday, showing up and getting pipped at the wire, etc, with some of them winning. The finale at Mountain was won by the second public choice, whom we originally figured would be favored. We take credit for that one!

High Predictability Quotient: Delta 9, Delta 10, PennNat 2, PennNat 5, Remington 4

Not-as-High Predictability Quotient: Churchill 8, Churchill 10, PennNat 8, Remington 8, Remington 9

That’s it for today. Just as we should not be defined by the worst thing we have ever done, nor should we be defined by the best. But everything in-between is fair game, and we always enjoy posting to this here Weblog, and we are grateful if you get something out of it also. Thank you.

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