First Post: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Speaking of bowling…

The nice thing about the old Tom Ainslie books on Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing was that they had headshot photos of all the leading trainers and jockeys and drivers. Thanks to Mr. Ainslie, it would be easy to spot, say, Chas. Whittingham over at Hollywood Park, and to tell him thank you for being such an excellent trainer of horses like Sunday Silence and Flawlessly. On the other hoof, we could also pick out D. Wayne Lukas in the saddling enclosure at a Grade I dash for 2-year-old fillies and pretend to cough while saying the word, ‘butcher’. That sort of thing.

In that spirit, kindly take a gander at the page referenced in the link at the lede of this post. Snapshots! Now, these guys look like sulky drivers if you ever have seen even one sulky driver! Mark Roth & Carmine Abbatiello! Mike Aulby or John Petraglia & an in-his-prime John Campbell! Slap a helmet and some goggles on these 50 Greatest Bowlers in PBA History and they would not be out-of-place in the bike at the finale at Harrah’s Chester or the feature at Rosecroft or Yonkers. Who knew!

What we got cooking today? The shark favorites from yesterday did all right for themselves, it appears. It happens. Over the next few hours, Mountain 9, Portland 10, Turf Paradise 5 and Turf Paradise 6 look like they are trending toward a Highly Predictable Result.

Conversely, Portland 3, Portland 9 and Turf Paradise 7 appear as fine chances for a robust win mutuel or even some nice exotics payoffs.

Finally, we would be remiss if we did not remind you that in any hierarchical business concern, the rank-and-file go bowling, the middle-management plays tennis and the executive suite hits the golf course. See for yourself!

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