First Post: Monday, November 6, 2017

Hey! How ya’ doin’ over there? Well, that’s good!

Hope you had a nice Breeders’ Cup Weekend for yourself. Lots of crazy action! Then there was a lot of crazy action on Saturday apart from the Breeders’ Cup. As always, hope you had ’em!

At any rate, it’s a Now World, and they have plenty of Thoroughbred horse races on tap for your Monday here.

Now, we are good at jinxing plenty of obvious horseys — either that or picking the wrong kinds of ‘obvious’ horseys. Here’s Mountain 5 tonight, and the obvious horse leaps off the screen at most of us. Plus there’s a prohibitive WMF 160 for the 6f at the Mountain. We have an obvious horse who controls all parts of the race over a supposedly early-speed-favoring racetrack. Now what?

We can’t try to drown a shark. And, yes, the obvious horse will have occasion to run worse than third every now and again. Not often, but that probability must exist. We advise, you decide. You may snicker, and anything can turn out to be ‘correct’. Imagine, if you will, a guy walking in off the street into a bowling alley and rolling a strike and somehow Earl Anthony (or Mark Roth or Parker Bohn 3d, fill-in-the-bowler) ends up with a 7-10 split. And that’s the end of the illustration, because each horse race is run only one time. We proclaim the random guy walking in off the street as the professional and Earl Anthony as the nutskull. Just letting you know that we have come to this sort of snap analysis and judgment not just in Thoroughbred horserace handicapping-and-wagering performance but also in events at-large in the general world and universe in which we live. THE ‘HOT TAKE’ IS THE ONLY TAKE THAT MATTERS. Thank you, Stephen A. Smith. Thank you, Don Trump Sr. Thank you to all the Very Important People Who Are Supplying Us Every Moment of Every Day With ‘HOT TAKE’ after ‘HOT TAKE’. Thank you for your service.

So, that’s Mountain 5. Mountain 8, on the other hoof, has a contested and hard-fought battle for the lead, at least from what our trusted output and numbers tell us. We’ll see.

Turf Paradise 8, another two-pronged (at least) duel for the front end. Or maybe not. But then do you automagically side with the latest of the late-runners in the race? So many questions!

Overall, trying to drown the sharks in Finger 6, Zia 11. Respecting the shark in Finger 9, Laurel 6, Mountain 3, Mountain 4, Mahoning 8, Zia 2, Zia 6, Zia 10.

Lots of sharks!

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