First Post: Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Here we go. First World Series game at Dodger Stadium since 1988. Enjoy the moment, take it all in, etc. and so on, Los Doyers fans. Houston, good béisbol to you, too. This is a sporting contest. Nevertheless, here’s a little video of what happened in Game 1 of that last La-La Land appearance.

Saw that game in the fraternity house on Broadway in New Orleans, a different L-A, back when communal TV rooms were the way to go. We were screaming, absolutely screaming when it happened, absolutely screaming. Here we are 29 years later, rooting again for the Dodgers, Thanksgiving for every wrong move, not exactly how we could have envisioned it ending up, not perfect, but better in some regards than it might have been. The Universe works in mysterious ways, and puts you where it wants. Struggle, resist if you want. Probably, though, easier to accept or even appreciate. Not hokum — we have no other option.

Yesterday no good with the favorite-race projections: even-money ran fourth at the Mountain! How is this possible! Should we blame the sloppy track? No, never. At their heart, handicapping and wagering are really actuarial sciences!

Early publishing today so as to be able to enjoy the spectacle without worrying about not posting at all: Finger 3, Finger 8, Indiana 2, Indiana 7, Keystone 2 look favorable, FAVOR-able.

On the random end, anything goes in Indiana 9, Keystone 6.

Less than 8 hrs. remaining before gametime. Here’s to baseball.

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