FIrst Post: Monday, October 16, 2017

Sorry, Chicagoland. You will now try to hold serve/service over at The Friendly Confines tomorrow.

OK call for the favorite yesterday at Big Fresno in Race 6. Los Alamitos 2, though, was not the proper forecast. Woodbine 10 was a good bit of soothsaying, however, with a big winner and a big exacta all gettable, all touted and shouted, entirely outed and abouted. (It was Rexdale-Etobicoke Int’l., so make that ‘abooted’. Thank you!) We know you had the Woodbine 10, we know you did, so give yourself a big congratulatory pat on the back, similar to what Mistah Justin Turner in the video was feeling as soon as his foot stepped on home plate. More your credit than ours, more the Universe’s credit than ours. Good work.

What’s cooking today in Favoriteville for the Seekers of Order? How’s the menu looking for Longshot Louie & His Fellow Chasers of Randomness? Why have the High-Octane Chancers, Old-School Champeens and Progressive-Minded Eggheads been relegated to being left off the 25-man roster? Where’s Aroldis Chapman when you need him? Remember when the good players were Rance Mulliniks and E.T. Willie McGee?

All good questions, both practical and philosophical, plus nostalgia creeps in at times; it can’t be successfully quarantined. But it’s a now world, and the present has potential gifts in Delpark 8, Zia 10. Those will be of interest to the fans of Big Balloons.

On the other hoof, the risk-averse will stick to Portland 7, Thistle 8, Turf Paradise 3, 4 & 5. Jeez-a-loo, that’s a lot of chalk to haul — full fathom five! Maybe some will stay afloat!

Jankees hosting the Astros this evening. Nueva Jork looking to gain a toehold in the series. We’ll see. Where’s Mariano Rivera when you need him?

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