First Post: Saturday, October 14, 2017

How ’bout dem ASTROS?

Jankees could not get the narrow theft in either game on the road, so now they go back to Nueva Jork to try to hold serve/service. Out here, no Corey Seager for your La-La Land Los Doyers this series. Joe Maddon an evil genius, always knows what he’s doing. We fear for the béisbol locals. Also, bad day for North London’s Arsenal F.C., pipped out of a draw in stoppage-time.

So far on the racetrack, some good ones over there in the opener at Hawthorne, Race 6 at Keystone, the eighth at Santa Anita.

Last night, the races looked formful vis-à-vis the morning line. And those horses did OK, one even going off at 7-1 from 3-1 favoritism by the official track oddsmaker. What are you going to do? We were prepared to recommend at 3-1, so how could we not at 7-1? That’s what happened. If you can predict the human toteboard in real life, then such embarrassments and unlikelihoods will not make your original diagnosis wrongheaded. In other words, we say ‘formful’ because the horse was the morning-line favorite at 3-1, and we agreed with that assessment. But when the result shows a $16-number up top, everyone assumes the race was not formful, because a 7-1 was the winner. But when the morning line in general and morning-line favoritism in specific are the only bases for ‘formfulness’, then it looks bad. The ego takes a hit. ‘It wasn’t formful’, the mopes cry out. But, um, if the morning line is upheld and the horse wins at $6, then it would indeed have been formful. So much semantics.

Now what? This eighth race today at Santa Anita looked like the one the contentious-race lovers should have had a nice time in. It just felt good ahead of time. We know you had it. Good work.

For the Chasers of Randomness, Chas. Town 5 seems sufficiently wild, as does PennNat 8. On the other hoof, Hastings 7 now looks pretty stable, same with Big Fresno Fair 9.

See what you can do.

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