First Post: Friday, October 13, 2017

All right, all right, ya Black Francis/Frank Black-lovers! Take it easy! Here comes your man, along with Joey Santiago, Kim Deal & David Lovering. Take it easy!

Genius, certainly, but we cannot say we took the bait all the way the way so many in our Generation X cohort did. Genius, certainly, but we did not swear slavish allegiance.

Yesterday: Now we are jinxing 3-5 shots! And we are not getting the contentious spots right, either! (For this reason, it was way, way easier to just throw races up on the wall pell-mell, with something sticking quite beautifully.)

Of course, it is presumptuous and egomaniacal to take all the blame, or even any, but we understand this as a long-cherished defect, friends of racing, a memorized weakness to help us make sense of stuff even though such stuff was truly beyond our infinitesimal sphere of influence. We must remember to accept things as they are, much more so in the uncontrollable world of Thoroughbred horse-race handicapping and wagering. Not every result can conform, but enough of them will, can. We proceed.

Fresno 5 has a horse who should control (control!) his own destiny here. Likewise PennNat 1, though that control extends to another obvious runner — a two-horse reckoning. Race 6 there also seems ready to be formful. Those are your issues if you are a Seeker of Order.

As for the long ones, the scenarios in which the Chasers of Randomness may prosper, Laurel 5 seems fit for purpose, as does Remington 7.

Again, we shall see. These things will not matter by the next time you visit.

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