First Post: Thursday, October 12, 2017


Still in The League!

The advertising behind him reads ‘AGING’. Sometimes the Gods of Snapshots are with you!

Remember, we never retouch these snaps. We cannot begin to tell you the first thing about Photoshop, if that’s indeed what it’s called. Thank Allah the autofocus did not fail — we are grateful. As is always good to remember, ‘More the universe’s credit than ours’. Or something like that. We are figuring it out.

Now, Jaro Jagr, 45 years young. He served a 2-min. minor penalty called against goalie Mike Smith for interference. The long knives were out for Matt Tkachuk, and he and Doughty were seen jawing at each other while in the box. Bad, bad blood. Taylor Swift-Katy Perry-type bad blood here. Salem Co. (N.J.) native Johnnie Hockey was his usual slippery self on the ice, a true luxury player who knows how to bamboozle the opponents with startling frequency. La-La Land could use a true luxury, skill player such as Johnnie Hockey. In the end, the visiting Flames went ahead 2-nil, then the hosts scored three in succession. However, Calgary tied it with approx. 6 mins. left, and they scored quickly in overtime. For taking it to the extra period, though, La-La Land got 1 point in the standings, bringing its season total to 5 in three games.

One good one so far in the early window, Race 2 at the Belmont, Dual Qualifier on the board at $25.40. Looking ahead, the finale at Keeneland seems like a nice opportunity for the Chasers of Randomness; we would not fault you. On the other hoof, the finale at PennNat appears wild, but maybe not. We will figure this out for you tomorrow. We will review the outcomes.

As for yesterday’s review, duds in the longshot races at the Mountain, and only one of the two obvious horseys could seal the deal at Remington. Seekers of Order, Chasers of Randomness, it’s the game of a lifetime, this horse racing, this handicapping, this wagering, and unlike our old pal Jaro Jagr, you won’t need to worry about getting checked into the boards, though you will indeed encounter more than a few angry and frustrated fans in the stands. As The Great One was fond of saying, ‘You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take’. Discover by doing!

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  1. halochef says:

    the man in the pic playing hockey had a nick-name in a certain city “Pumpkin Head”

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