First Post: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

No good for USMNT fútbol, Chollie. No good.

TNT blew up the ’murrikans’ chances of making it to the World Cup Finals next year in Russia. That is the minnow swallowing the whale, right there. Iceland in the tournament, however! Skál!

Race 9 at Zia yesterday had an overbet fave. Not a truly bad fave, but an overbet one, at odds-on. Likewise Race 7 at Portland. Of the two, the one at Portland seemed more inconceivable: no Betting Line odds, and only seventh-best on that score, actually, plus a poor LifeLiner Speed Column analysis number outside the top 3, and only a barely third-place ranking on the LifeLiner Spread Column analysis. Both faves finished out-of-the-money, with the Portland contest more amenable to successful play, with the combined top-pick Betting Line/top-pick LifeLiner Speed Column analysis and morning-line fave prevailing at 2½-1, with another a Dual Qualifier at 22-1 completing the overbet exacta, which returned 68-1.

One good one so far today, and it was at soggy Hawthorne, a rained-off-the-turf Race 3, $40-and-change up top on a Dual Qualifier, top-rated on both the LifeLiner Speed Column analysis and the LifeLiner Spread Column analysis.

Race 8 this evening at the Mountain looks like anybody’s contest; moreover, the morning-line choice seems bogus. These track oddsmakers at the smaller ovals tend to misplace the eventual faves, however, so confirm this with the toteboard. Nevertheless, we cannot fault you for getting the ball up in the air in this race, creating a good launch angle and exit velocity, and then seeing where it lands, hopefully in the bleachers or at least the bullpen. As well, two races earlier there, Race 6, can be a similarly fat pitch to take a good cut at.

On the other hoof, caution is advised in Remington 7. If the first-timers in there are not talented, and if the obvious horsey is not one of ’em professional hangers, she deserves all manner of respect. Likewise the Race 6 over there in the OKC.

These are our challenges for the evening, and of course you’ll be the first to know how it all turned out, as long as you come and visit again in approx. 24 hrs. from now. Meantime, start kicking the ball around now, preferably in scorching-hot conditions; your country needs you to participate at a high level for Qatar 2022. Make the cut for Qatar!

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