First Post: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

All right, all right, ya La-La Land Los Doyers fans! Take it easy. Your team is going to the NLCS.

We are a little traitorous by rooting for Los Doyers. As diehard Philalala Fightin’ Phils fans, we know the Philalala v. La-La Land rivalry spans many years: late-’70s, early-’80s, late-’00s. For all their vaunted history, though, Los Doyers are approaching 30 years without a World Series championship; the Phils last won in 2008. Yes, we have always hated Los Doyers, but this group is closer in spirit and likability to the accidental champions of 1988 than it is to the insufferable juggernauts of the early Lasorda era. How can you not want Justin Turner, Bellinger, Seager etc. to succeed? Even Puig Your Friend is starting to play like the champion he should have been from the start, learning to go deep in the count, finding his joy and hustle again — not many players take a demotion to Triple-A as constructively as Puig Your Friend has. Puig Your Friend.

Yesterday’s Race 2 at Big Fresno turned out with the fave doing OK, and Race 3 there was a big washout for the morning-line fave. Getting closer. But Zia 9 was a disaster for the chalk, and he might have even been in a photo with the ambulance at the end. Very bad. Horse racing is hard, very hard, yet we try our best every day.

Zia 9 today looks OK for the track oddsmaker’s top option, and currently that horse is not favored, 8 mins. to post. Likewise Portland 7, 11 mins. to go there. The faves in both those races seem misplaced, with the morning-line faves somehow underbet. What will happen? Find out soon.

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