First Post: Monday, October 9, 2017

Good programme. Mr Brand gets the balance right — earnest, but not unfunny; ironical at times, but not snarky. This is a good programme now.

Yesterday, the recommended chalk at Zia was on time, though it was no romp. Also, the Keystone races were indeed open, and the results reflected as much, with one of the longshots winning in Race 7; however, as always, the perfecta remained a slippery and elusive individual.

Not raining at Zia, and that is where we focus the efforts now. Race 9 is contentious on the conventional V6 Betting Line; however, the LifeLiner confirms the presence of a Triple Threat Horsey, the selfsame entrant the mopes also figure to settle on. We’ll see. On the other hoof, the opener there looks like it could be a big-paying bonanza, and we’ll see how it turned-out there also. Tomorrow we shall report.

Picking over the Monday Big Fresno card, and the first two Thoroughbred races are opposites. Race 2 appears to have a worthy public option, a single-digit payer public option. But in Race 3, five horses running, you might actually have some upheaval; the morning-line darling(s) might not get there! You never know!

All right, all right, ya Russell Brand recovery experts! Take it easy. Enjoy your holiday today, and Tuesday’s ‘First Post’ will be hitting the rooms in approx. 24 hrs. from now. One day at a time, ya’ nutskulls, one day at a time.

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