First Post: Sunday, October 8, 2017

Good day for the teams yesterday. Los Doyers, Kings, Flyers all do the business — all at the same time!

The swap and last-channel buttons were pressed and re-pressed! You set the baseball on both the A & B feeds. Then you set one hockey game on the A feed, the other on the B feed — it takes a degree in locomotive engineering to coordinate the scheduling! Locomotive engineering: Rick L. Gates, killer of 16, likely loosener of more than a few mental and psychological screws! Still, locomotive engineering way easier than handicapping.

Big Fresno Fair turned out as expected, with the sham fave in the feature not running a yard. One of the longshots won, too. Huzzah! However, the perfecta remains an elusive and slippery individual. Big Fresno. Remember that line in the ‘Wells-Fargo Wagon’ from The Music Man? ‘Raisins from Fresno’. And grapefruit from Tampa. Salmon from Seattle. Amazingly, those lines of produce and commerce are still true today. God Bless Armenia!

Keeneland again today, but it’s raining, and it’s raining up and down the Eastern half of the nation now. We better stay out West where the elements will be a nonfactor. As Jm. Morrison proclaimed in ‘The End’, ‘The West is the Best’. Ride the King’s Highway west, baby.

Zia 7 today looks OK for the public option. Single-digit payer. Public option. On the other hoof, back to the inclement East, check out Keystone 9 for nightcap-style parimutuel excitement. This one’s a doozie. Also a doozie is the seventh there. You hit one or both of those and you’ll be in Fat City, and that’s before ingesting any Tony Luke’s or Tastykake.

Yup. Getting hungry now. Nearing brunchtime here on the Left Coast, because Sunday is Cheat Day, the Day in Which the Intermittent Fasting Becomes Prolonged Feasting. Eat ’em up!

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