First Post: Saturday, October 7, 2017

The video proper begins at 0:21. Sounds like Jm. Morrison somewhat. Good song for rage-wagering.

Hey! How ya’ doin’ over there? Well, that’s good.

Already a nice time today at the Keeneland, with the Robot Handicapper/Live Longshot Touters/All-In-One V6 hot on the Race 5 and Race 7 winners. This is Keeneland! Play like a champion today. The mutuels were $55.20 and $35.20, respectively. Turf sprint in Race 5! Yup. Turf route in the other. Both on the Graded stakes programme. This may bode well for the Breeders’ Cup in a month. Or that may be a whole different set of circumstances. Nobody knows, not even Bobbie Flaie when he does the horseracing commentary on Food Network. He’s Irish, though, so he is good at talking, certainly.

Scanning some other results in the early window, we see that Race 7 at BelTerra, Race 8 at Laurel, Race 1 at Fort Erie, Race 5 at Thistle all had good results that conformed to the Robot.

Last night, Retama 7 was open, with the faves not doing much of anything, and that’s how it was intended, except that the runners that got in there were not going to be found by us. Race 9 the obvious horsey was all the way in command and then hung as is his wont, beaten by the firster, of course. There’s always someone.

Uh-oh. Get out races today at Big Fresno Fair, with Sarkis, Kevork and Hakop (but not Kim, Khloe or Kourtney!) all ready to pounce on open affairs in the last two, Races 8 & 9. We’ll reveal the identity of the overbet horseys, then see if any of our preferreds gets in there, never an easy proposition. That’s two distinct shots, plus a daily double to contend with, so lots going on, many chances for rage-wagering. Now, it could be big balloons or else another evening of clenched fists and tooth-destroying bruxism. That’s tomorrow on the talk show. We will be here, but you don’t have to be.

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