First Post: Thursday, October 5, 2017


Another All-Star performance

The 2017-18 NHL season began last night. Your Philalala Flyers visited San Jose and muscled their way to a 5-3 win. Wayne Simmonds (the tall guy in the snap here) had a hat trick, which was punctuated by an empty-net goal in the final minute. Tonight, the Flyers travel to La-La Land to skate against the Kings in the latter’s home opener. Pictures at 11.

As well, ’grats to one of our favorite living authors, Mistah Kazuo Ishiguro, on being named the recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize for literature — way, way better than last year’s selection. If you have even half a heart in your otherwise played-out carcass, you will feel Ishiguro’s work hit you right there, square in your solar plexus. Well deserved. Thank you, Kazuo Ishiguro. We aspire to your greatness.

Last night’s finale at Mountain ran as we expected, with the interchangeable top two choices on your morning line completing the winning perfecta; the long-odds closer we mentioned did not crack the trizacta. Pity. As for Indiana, the fave indeed got beat, and the contentious race did not include the chalk in the exactor; however, our preferred longshots did not materialize in the meaningful placings. Ah, well.

We flick the spinner again today and it lands on the Big Fresno Fair and all our various Armenian friends over there in Big Fresno. (Now, you can call Big Fresno ‘Glendale North’, but you did not hear it from us!) Now, the Thoroughbred opener there, Race 2, seems tight, but we’ll shade it toward the second choice on your morning line.

At the other end of the randomness spectrum, the one involving chaos and entropy, try the finale at Delpark, Race 8. The morning-line fave begins at 4-1, so you know there will be difficulties amongst the public in setting the probabilities here. Best wishes with it, and we’ll see if any of our ideas pay off. We’ll bring you that coverage tomorrow.

Meantime, go look at some ice hockey, take in a few pages of Ishiguro. It’ll work out for yourself.

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