First Post: Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Now what? Another mope to throw into the Corner of Pity.

When you do the crossword six days a week — skip Sunday, it’s just a slog; our hyperactive tendencies force us to favor the sprints, as in a new question every 12 secs., like on that quiz programme on the telly, the one hosted by the modest Canadian fellow who shaved off his moustache — you come up with some good language tricks to file for later use. One of the recent clues was ‘Opposite of schaudenfreude’, and the correct response had four letters. Aha! P-I-T-Y.

It’s so easy to judge nowadays, to be God or Allah or Buddha or Zeus. We ourselves have been quite fond to do so — far too often. But really these mopes need P-I-T-Y. Despite all their holier-than-thou proclamations, they prove to be all too human, just as fallible as you and us. So, Rep. Murphy, shuffle on over here to the Corner of Pity and take some space alongside Jimmie Bakker and Jm. Swaggart and your fellow Congresslad Dr. Rep. DesJarlais and — for political balance — Pres. Clinton and Pres. Clinton and Pres. Clinton and Sen. Menendez etc. Take your place in the Corner of Pity and let the people pray for your recovery. Perhaps you’ll be blessed with a little grace, the sort of which is beyond even your earthly control. Peace.

This evening, we pick out the nightcap at the Mountain. We always like to see a contentious nightcap; it gives the people a chance to go home a winner. Mostly, that’s how it plays out. Not the winning part, but rather the contentious part. In days of yore, the last race of the day was the gateway to the hyperexotic world. You needed 10, 12 horseys to be able to card a trizactor, or a super-duper. Nowadays, you get to have a triple anytime you want, even with four horses. But in the past, that’s how it was: big field, evenly matched.

Again, your typical race card has a wild-open finale, or at least that’s the generalization. But on further inspection tonight over at the Mountain, we have a morning-line choice who really does appear harder to beat than most. And should he fail, the next horse in the public oddsmaker’s estimation appears ready to take up the challenge. Hoo-boy. We do have one rally-style runner who can sneak into the hyperxotics at a reasonable price, and tomorrow we’ll tell you what became of him. Maybe you too will be able to spot him before this one goes off. Best wishes.

On the other hoof, here’s a Thoroughbred nightcap that looks helter-skelter. Go over to the Indiana 8 and see if you can find several big prices that will be in the hyperexotics. It won’t be hard. Again, we’ll compare notes for the next time.

Meanwhile, you may as well shove us into the Corner of Pity too; which ones of us could not stand a little bit of prayer on their behalf? Precious few!

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  1. halochef says:

    KDKA 2 what west US city is that station in???

  2. halochef says:

    oh the “Gunner” We had them all the way! we got a bug loose on the rug! can of corn.
    green wennie! babushka power! oh yea i remember that station father and daughter duo on the news. the Burns bill and pattie

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