First Post: Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Here’s another anthem for yourself. R.I.P., Tom Petty.

Hey! How’s it going over there? Well, that’s good.

Not so good today at Finger. Gigantic prices all day long, and not a sniff of a chance. It’s like when you have the bases loaded four or five times in a nine-inning contest and the big butter-and-egg man keeps striking out. Or else you have numerous games at love-40 and all you need is one good return to get the break and you keep letting the server dig his way out. All the same. Like the repeated two-counts in rasslin’, several of them that your rassler might be able to convert, yet the jerk-guy opponent escapes and quickly pins your man. Awful. Thanks, Finger. Don’t come back soon. For the Finger, the central digit — bupkis!

But you’re only as bad as your next wager, which means redemption is nigh at one of the best states in the union, right after Alabammy. Yep, you guessed it, West Virginia, conveniently located at the confluence of the three streams of the Opiod Epidemic, the Rust Belt Exodus and the Clean Coal Evangelism. We are ready! West Virginia, take it away. Can’t be any worse than the Snow Belt Frigidity of the Finger in Canandaigua. Ontario Co.!

(Aside: Did you realize that clean, renewable energy is being embraced by many now in West Virginia? It’s true! Even the reactionaries and nonprogressive types are on the bleeding edge of solar etc., and not for environmental reasons but rather for the clear economic benefit that renewables bring to that state. Who knew! West Virginia, doing it for the sun!)

All right, all right, ya crazy Ridge Runners! Take it easy! Hard card this evening, but Race 5 seems to be the best opportunity for the morning-line chalk to defend his honor. On the other hoof, the finale appears as the top chance for a nonfavorite-style perfecta. But you never know. We advise, often misguidedly.

N.B. Extra for experts: Race 7 at Presque looks contentious on the surface, but the first-choice on your morning line looks like he can hang on OK.

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