First Post: Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Speaking of Schenectady, N.Y.! Vonnegut was over there for a while at General Electric. Can we all agree that his prose was clean, readable and accessible to all with a grade-school level of literacy? Yes, we can.

So Vonnegut via Billy Pilgrim, then. There were more than a few times in that story when we all thought Billy was a goner: when he was a POW during the bombing of Dresden, when he was a passenger on a fatal plane crash, and, most terrifying of all, when he was a speaker in front of the local Lions Club without any idea of what he was going to say or how he would say it. Most terrifying!

Yet there for the Grace of God went Billy. He survived Dresden, he survived the plane crash, he survived the Lions Club and got a standing ovation in the process. Who among us has not been visited with the same Billy Pilgrim-like grace, mercy, deliverance? Come on, we bet you have.

Now, how did Billy get to where he was? Was he in control of every last thing? No, sir. Not at all. The woo-woo New Agers of the 21st Century are fond of the mantra ‘Let go, let God’, and who among us is to say they are not correct?

As a parting shot in the novel, Vonnegut sets down the old famous prayer from Reinhold Niebuhr, the one about serenity. Surely you know it. If not, Vonnegut has drawn it literally into his story, between the bosoms of Montana Wildhack, on a locket:



Remember that in the film, Montana Wildhack was played by a young and nubile Valerie Perrine. Hoo-boy. So if you were skeptical about God’s grace visiting Billy in Dresden, on the doomed plane or in front of the Lions Club, well, hey, God did grant him Montana Wildhack on Tralfamador!

Over at the Zia for your Tuesday now, and there a couple of contentious-type races submitted for your disproval, though the gods of racing may yet show mercy. Race 6 can deliver an upfront cheap thrill for a while or longer via #6 By Golly Who. Then in the finale, Dual Qualifier #9 Aussie You Later and debut-issue #2 I Spy a Zenon.

Poo-tee-weet. So it goes. (You KNEW that was going to be the close!)

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