Tuesday Sniping: Classie Chassis Edition


Bring the thunder

That, right there in the centre of the snap, is why Serena Wms. will be an all-time great and always have at least 14 more major singles titles than Johnnie Mac.

Also, Serena probably is saying to the skinnie, pastie guy who threw shade at her, ‘Come kiss this’. Also, Serena can only beat what’s in front of her, so until there’s no gender-divisions in lawn-tennis, we’ll never know. Straight outta Compton. Compton, represent!

Fort Erie
Race 7: #1 Araz

Race 2: #1 Something Naughty
Race 4: #4 Helen’s Gift
Bonkers Box (Race 4): #4 Helen’s Gift – #7 Niagara Belle – #6 Luckster

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Squats & deadlifts, people, squats & deadlifts.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Sniping: Classie Chassis Edition

  1. halochef says:

    MARS: a planet in the earths solar system. some say aliens have come from that planet. but before any one discovered the planet there is a city right outside of Pittsburgh, pa. home of the 5 time stanley cup champs, Penguins, and 6 time super bowl winners, Steelers, and just 5 mins away from West View, pa(home of yours truley) is MARS, Pa. the young lady on the hit show Jeopardy last night, alas, didn’t win but from the ‘burgh.

    • Shoutoute says:

      We are caught-up on the show, and thank you for the writeup, which shows the sort of humor and trenchant wit we require of all our postings. Please stop-by for a followup interview next week.

      N.B. Regarding that contestant on the ‘hit show’ last night, S/HE DRESSED-UP AS A SWORD, FFS. A SWORD. WHY DOES A (WO)MAN DRESS-UP AS A SWORD? PAGING, DR. FREUD! DR. FREUD.

      Anyway, that was mean, and we don’t like to make victims with our words, unless they are deserving of it. We do not normally punch-down; but punching-up is another matter. We apologize for the meanness, but sometimes it just flows out. Regrets!

      Hope you are well! Sewickley is where they have that highfalutin’ academy, right? Sewickley also was a champion sprinter in the 20th-century, if memory serves…

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