Tuesday Sniping: Immortal Neil de Grasse Tyson Edition


This must really rankle a lot of a certain demographic

Good speaker. Makes science accessible to all of us, but not as accessible as, say, the apoplexy of the partisans, the prosperity of the preachers. Oh, well. ‘Cosmic perspective’ — check it out! Maybe then we will all accept and know our true role. Thank you!

Or, as it was put in the most accessible place known to man, the ’rasslin’ on the TV: ‘Know your role and shut your mouth, jabroni.’

Race 8: #4 Four Directions

Race 5: #4 Drama Coach
Bonkers Box (Race 5): #4 Drama Coach – #6 Red Redemption

Race 4: #6 Freds New Broad
Race 6: #6 Scatidash
Race 7: #9 El Bonito
Race 8: #10 Bang
Bonkers Box (Race 4): #6 Freds New Broad – #10 Pretty Vayda
Bonkers Box II (Race 6): #6 Scatidash – #1 Dynaskra
Bonkers Box III (Race 8): #10 Bang – #7 Saucy Jubilee

Race 7: #2 Midnight Justice
Race 9: #9 Hectors Pride
Bonkers Box (Race 9): #9 Hectors Pride – #7 The Silver Sniper – #6 Because I’m Happy – #10 Instructor Kunu

Race 6: #9 One Silver Dollar
Race 9: #1 Omega Blake
Race 11: #7 Alright Big Guy

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Hey, you on the Twitter, know your role…

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